Puppatoons Christmas Card/Ornament Fun!

Meet Toffee, Treacle, Nutmeg and Fruitcake!

If you received a Puppatoons Christmas card, then you knew to come here to check out the other three of four designs! If you would like to save these to your computer and print them out to make more ornaments for your tree, here you go!

( I tinted the colored ones with colored pencil instead of art markers, so that they might look similar to the way kids might color them with crayons)


To a Mother who really knows her way around..

I had to show the card I made for my husband’s mother for Mother’s Day. Every time we go to visit her in Steve’s hometown in New Jersey, I am always floored by the 347 ways to get from one destination to the other. So whenever we start a journey someplace—be it a diner, store,theater, etc.—there is always the discussion of which way to go between Steve and his mom. I asked Steve to type me out a typical discussion between them and send it to me, and you see it here. 🙂

I guess it should’ve been “Foppy Birthday”!


My friend Smits was here over the weekend for her birthday, and I had made this card for her, starring our favorites of my ModFops, Georgie and Ritchie. 🙂


The ModFops, by the way, are getting somewhat of a re-do. No matter who I call, mail, talk to or whatever, nobody in the universe of fake fur land, especially JoAnn(where their GORGEOUS green-spotted fur came from)has any clue where this fur came from, who made it or….what. It would be my most favorite fur I’ve ever found and something I need a lot of. I want the ‘Fops to have their long tails and all their limbs, so to do this I’m going to find a similarly soft, cream-colored short fur and paint their spots on with fabric paint. The one plus side of that is that I can put the spots exactly where I want them, and they can have their un-spotted bellies that they had in my original design. Georgie and Ritchie, since they always work together, will be first, and I’ll  eventually get to the others. I recently found a soft, white-fur blanket at Target that I think is going to do the trick.

Jesse’s Thank You.


Our dear friend Jesse was ever-so-instrumental in my being able to participate at Dragon Con without having to get a room and pay for a pet-sitter at home. He let us store my puppets and our Ghostbusters gear in his room, in our own little corner. We had a key to come and go as we pleased. We had it made.This card is my thank you for the use of prime real estate in his room. I drew him as a little green dragon in a 501st shirt.:)

However, as you can see, a lot of other assorted friends and relatives also had use of Jesse’s room.