Handsome Prince Barbecue!

Custom-making a short but fun show for a client is something I’m getting pretty good at doing. Here are some characters from my upcoming show Handsome Prince Barbecue, about a dragon who needs to bring home the main ingredient for his and his wife’s barbecue–a handsome prince. In the process, he brings home everything but the right thing until he at last comes across a handsome prince.


Laverne Dragon and me.

Noland, the hapless husband dragon, and me.

Prince Glop of the Trolls, the Ugly Prince

Prince Egbert Tropico III, the actual Handsome Prince.

Silver Scream Spook Show!

Some of the Puppatoons monsters will be making their live stage debut July 25, in The Silver Scream Spook Show at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta! It’s a bit of a test run, but Professor Morte is very stoked about having them. Wish us luck! Morte is especially interested in featuring Gruno and Gliz, and Halbag. At last, these monsters will get the live show time they so richly deserve.:)

Gruno and Gliz

Butterwalk Glitterbiscuit!

A rather large, rotund unicorn with wild pink hair and a star-studded collar,Butterwalk was created to star with my pal Jaime’s character Starwabbit in their own superhero series. We are hoping to film episodes later this year.

Although female, Butterwalk talks rather like Elvis. I have no idea how that voice came out of me when Jaime and I were joking around with her, but we liked it, and it stuck.


Tales from DirtLand!

I’ve had to very quickly put together a show for the Southeastern Flower Show this year, and this year my production is called Tales from DirtLand. It stars a diminutive garden witch called The Great Gazinga, and she essentially “shrinks” all you folks out in the audience down to bug size and brings out bugs to talk to you.

Care to meet and talk to an earthworm? Well, we have Irma Worm for that.

Irma is six feet long and has a pair of glasses where her eyes should be.

Here she is with the stage backdrop.


Unfortunately, due to the death of my grandmother (to whom I will dedicate an entry later) I was not able to finish this whole play in time, so I will be only performing an excerpt. Still, I think we’ll have a good time.


Busy with a Western Show!

Well, dear readers, I have neglected you somewhat lately..I have been running around like an idiot trying to get my latest show completed. So,I will share the characters from this show, “Jimmie Kate’s Hoedown of Friendship and Love”, with you.:)


First, Jimmie Kate herself. She’s a spunky little palomino horse who considers me part of her Trained Human Show. XD



Ruby the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Well, everyone, I thank those of you who have come back to check on things. Not only have I been insanely busy putting together my Christmas show, Ruby the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but I was in the hospital for an emergency gall bladder removal. Immediately after coming home from the hospital I performed Ruby the Red-Nosed Reindeer a total of eight times over the weekend. I am now taking some much-needed time off.

Here are the characters from Ruby the Red-Nosed Reindeer.