The Creepy Cooler!

Planning sketch:


Finished product. I decided to leave off the feet for now:


Although I’m planning on carrying drinks and snacks in this guy, I won’t be going all -out with ice or anything. He’ll also simply be a fun backpack, with or without drinks. He is built on a backpack-style cooler, with the fur and features glued and sewn on.

Scarecrow Competition!

I’m entering a contest at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, an event known as Scarecrows in the Garden. My entry will be four Beatles scarecrows in black suits..still deciding on a name for the “theme”, but the Boys are beginning to shape up nicely:


Still need white shirts and ties, some stuffing, and I need to cover their milk jug heads–that wil be the fun/challenging part. But I have a decent amount of time. Wish me luck!

Fanged Button Bags!

I had intended to make some little bags for us to take to Dragon Con, and while I’m walking around with my puppets, if someone wants a photo taken with me, I was planning to give them a freebie Puppatoons button. I wanted something neat to carry said buttons in, so this idea of fuzzy monster bags has been on the list for a couple of months.

I wanted to have good,solid bags,with linings, underneath the fur, so my husband had the brilliant idea to recycle gently-used manufactured bags. On a recent trip to Goodwill, we found two small purse-like bags that were practically new. I took them home, washed them in the washing machine, and they sat for a while. At last, today, I pulled them out of the project pile and started  having fun.

This was the result:


This was the first. It was made on top of a little girl’s tiny messenger bag from The Limited Too store.


The second one is probably more appropriate for Steve to carry– a bit less purse-like. It seemed to be some sort of camera bag. I’m tempted to give it legs. 🙂

Plastic Canvas Puppets!


This was something I had wondered about anyway, utilizing plastic canvas somehow in puppet making, and lo and behold, I found a book on ebay on the exact subject.


The designs are well-done and obviously meticulously constructed.I have a few issues with the anatomy–the wide, gaping mouth on the giraffe and zebra,for instance—but I’m sure the children don’t care. These do look like fun puppets to play with.

I especially like the toucan; that’s a great example of getting a bird with a hard, rigid beak. I would just cover the rest of it in plush.

Anyway, it was a good buy and I’m glad to have it–quite interesting.