More Gifts!

I can show all these now,since they have made it to their owners!

Star Wars Biker Scout stocking for Steve.:)



Haunted Mansion Christmas Stockings!

Well, it’s Christmas 2010, and I made little gifts for my friends who go on our trips to Walt Disney World and dress up as characters from The Haunted Mansion. Wanna see??

Pickwick, Prudence and The Ghost Host,

Hitchhiking Ghosts Phineas, Ezra and Gus,

and our newest addition (who still hasn’t officially worn the costume yet, but we have appointed it),our friend Kyle, as The Caretaker.


These wee stockings are about the size of a child’s sock, and are made almost completely of felt, with rhinestone eyes, and blue and gold rickrack for trimming. The letters are plastic and were, oddly enough, a Goodwill find just days before I undertook this project.

Seasons Screamings, everyone!

Gus from “Partly Cloudy”

A friend of mine just loves Gus, the little dark cloud character from the Pixar short film Partly Cloudy:

So she asked if I could make a toy or plush out of him:

Think I did okay?

Now that I look at him,finished,I think he should have been squattier, but the customer is crazy about him, so we’ll leave him like he is.:)

Bleach Meets Jesse.

Just outside the castle at the Magic Kingdom, our group of friends met up after going our separate ways for the day, and Jesse got to meet Bleach for the first time. Which is rather amazing, considering how he chose to greet the little sock reporter.

I apologize for the insanely loud background noise.There was some really intense and cheesy show going on at the castle.

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America Sings

America Sings was comparable to Disneyland’s Country Bear Jamboree, in that it featured a singing cast of audio-animatronics. The show’s Masters of Ceremony were an American bald eagle named Sam (voiced by Burl Ives) and an unnamed owl rumored to be named Ollie (voiced by Sam Edwards). The image of Eagle Sam was designed by Disney animator Marc Davis, as were the other characters. Eagle Sam is completely separate from the Sam the Olympic Eagle character designed a decade later by C. Robert Moore (also a Disney employee) for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Parts salvaged from the Hatbox Ghost; a legendary figure who was pulled from the Haunted Mansion in the opening weeks, were used in the creation of the animatronic Eagle Sam.