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Back from Disney!

Well, guys and dolls, I am back from Disney and trying to catch upon everything. I have videos and pics to upload,Halloween Countdown entries to make,I need to figure out my Netherworld schedule, and I have a small commission to start.

And now that all the trips and cons are out of the way, I need to work on actual show content for the web as well as one to shop around to schools and libraries. I actually think I have a helpful amount of footage I shot at Disney to make oficial little Mo and Friends episodes now, which is exciting.

Almost completely moved over to WordPress.Sticky Dumbness is next.

As if y’all didn’t notice, I love WordPress. I keep finding more things I love about it–probably the biggest glee-inducer is not having to use Photobucket to post pics.

I will be moving Sticky Dumbness, my cartoon I make on colored Post-It Notes, over here in a few days. I’ve moved at all over the place, from LiveJournal to Blogger and back to LiveJournal, and I think even once on WordPress, and nothing has given me the right “fit” until now, now that I’m trying to corral all my projects under one roof.

I really was doing Sticky Dumbness,¬† just for fun, to make myself post a little drawing or cartoon everyday, but I keep slacking off. If I have you lovely readers here to poke me,I can keep it up. Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to get Post-It advertising on this blog? (rubs mitts together in plotting fashion)

I moved my story NorthClaw over here, too. Boy, has that site/blog/thing been a mess over the years. It’s just so easy now, though, updating a story with a blog setup. I’ve had NC in my head so long I simply have to get it down on paper or screen or I’ll go mad. Ever had a muse pester you? Think if he had claws, scratching around on the inside of your skull..yeah, that’s a pretty picture. No sparkly vampires or pretty anime boys rolling in the hay in my mind; I’ve got the guy with¬† a handful of steak knives. And no, it’s not a Wolverine clone….this story’s been around since 1989, long before I ever even heard of Wolvie. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have an update soon if anyone is curious there.

Puppatoons’ First Over-18 Entry.

I feel I must talk about Isabella Rosselini’s Green Porno, an inventive and sometimes comical look at the way insects and other little creepy-crawlies “make love”,utilizing puppetry and costumes and minimal scenery. It is often quite graphic in its no-nonsense portrayal (such as a male bee’s reproductive organs being ripped off in mating), but I have to admit, I learned quite a lot. It’s educational for adults, dangit.

Some of the eight acts include:


The Worm,


The Bee,


The Mantis,


and The Fly.

I won’t reveal any more; the best way to get a full grasp is to watch the very short films in the series.

~buzzes out~