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Well, a rather late post, but..I’ve been a bit occupied. Here are the promised pics of the warg head puppet I made to take to Dragon Con to meet our two Hobbit Dwarf guests, Graham McTavish and William Kircher. They were quite pleased with the results and William barged right out from behind his table to get a photo!

Bifur and Dwalin–Hobbit Dwarf Presents!

Wow. Long story short, I had the extreme privilege of meeting some of the actors who played dwarves from The Hobbit, which may now be one of my favorite movies ever. I and several friends formed a vehemently persistent group of fans who prodded the officials at Dragon Con  to GET SOME DWARVES HERE IN ATLANTA. We succeeded in getting two out of thirteen–William Kircher(Bifur) and Graham McTavish(Dwalin). We had James Nesbitt(Bofur), but he had to call it off at the last minute, and I believe I heard that Jed Brophy(Nori) wanted to come but missed the boat on applications or somesuch.

But of the two we had, Bifur is my favorite, and although I didn’t put together a costume as many of my fellow dwarf-loving friends did(and quite splendidly,I might add),I wanted to show my appreciation. That, from me, comes in the form of a puppet gift, usually in the appearance of my favorite character an actor plays.

I made wee glove puppets of Bifur and Dwalin–very simple and not terribly detailed, but pretty cute if I do day so myself. Here is a  compilation of photos taken by my husband, pal Beth, and William Kircher’s lovely (and very funny) wife Nicole.


William and MiniBifur!


Graham and MiniDwalin, whom he said “needed to be sneaking up on me”.:)


Graham and MiniDwalin seem to be conspiring their next move..will they be getting coffee? Donuts?


Another pic of William and MiniBifur. He showed off this puppet at a couple of panels afterward.I was so proud!

Here is an interview with William at a Con just a week later, and he shows off the toys he received in his Con travels as well as MiniBifur! 😀


I do believe they enjoyed their presents.


Goodbye, MiniDwalin. Serve your master well, with much amusement!

Next post, the warg puppet head I made to show off to the guys!

The two dwarf puppets in their humble beginnings--clothes are being made, features designed.

The two dwarf puppets in their humble beginnings–clothes are being made, features designed.

Mini Dwalin!

Mini Dwalin!

Bifur puppet, affectionately christined "MiniBifur" by his new owner!

Bifur puppet, affectionately christined “MiniBifur” by his new owner!

Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus!

Another project I have been working on is for the infamous Dragon Con in Atlanta, over Labor Day weekend. The project is a Dilophosaurus from the movie Jurassic Park. My husband and a few friends have been researching a few generic characters on THE big Jurassic Park fan website, Jurassic Park Legacy,so I think we will look pretty sharp. Steve and I will be veterenarians,and I will be carrying a very ill-tempered young dinosaur. 🙂

This is Clementine, nearly finished.


Sci-Fi Janitors!

During Dragon Con, a phenomenon known as “Dragon Con TV” plays for one’s enjoyment on your hotel room television. From the comfort of your room you can view panels, costume contests, celebrity interviews,and really crappy original shows and commercials that only seem to be funny if you know the people who star in them..:D But one thing that many of my fellow Con-Goers wanted me to see was Bob and Carl, the little guys who clean up after Dragon Con is over. I saw their short shows and had a fit. They are adorable! And funny! See for yourself:

Mother Pusbucket!!

Hopefully in time for Dragon Con, I’m making a sort of beastly/monstrous/possessed/haunted proton pack to wear with my “dress” Ghostbusters uniform ( a black Dickies dress with appropriate patches and a few gadgets).It will be a good bit smaller than my real proton pack, but since in our costuming group, The Georgia Ghostbusters, customizing your “character” is encouraged, I couldn’t resist playing around with something like this.

It’s the very first sketch, of course, and doesn’t nearly express all the doodads and whatzits all over a proton pack. But it’s a start, especially a big red eye down where the cyclotron is.

I’m thinking of calling it Pusbucket. 😀

And here’s some of our brave Boys in Gray(which is really khaki), the Georgia Ghostbusters! Photo by Mitchell(not shown), “streams” by Steve! I was taking another photo a few feet away and I am not in the pic. Neither is Ron, who was getting something straightened out with his costume. L-R: Jairus, Chace, Mike, Steve, Hal and Derek!

Bitty Bantha.

I do hope I’m not nuts for attempting such a thing.

In the Star Wars universe, a lot of folks like a certain creature. Many fans like the vicious Wampa, the hapless Tauntaun or the scaly Dewback. Me, I like the Bantha...the enormous, hairy, horned Bantha.

I would love to try my hand at a Bantha costume/full body puppet to take to Dragon Con, as a way to demonstrate my puppetry  and costuming skills. I would insist on a one-person costume rather than making two people suffer inside it. Plus, I would have more freedom of movement.

(first sketch, showing “bustle”)

I once saw a cow costume in which the person inside wore a huge sort of “bustle” which made up the cow’s rump, with stuffed back legs dangling down below and touching the floor perfectly behind. With a Bantha costume, there would essentially be a curtain of hair and fur reaching down to the ground, somewhat eliminating the cause for making full legs.

I also ended up with about 8 or 9 yards of the perfect fur. How could I pass up doing this now? I wonder if I could go to 501st troops as a baby Bantha,haha! Problem is, I don’t know any Tusken Raiders.:(

Jesse’s Thank You.


Our dear friend Jesse was ever-so-instrumental in my being able to participate at Dragon Con without having to get a room and pay for a pet-sitter at home. He let us store my puppets and our Ghostbusters gear in his room, in our own little corner. We had a key to come and go as we pleased. We had it made.This card is my thank you for the use of prime real estate in his room. I drew him as a little green dragon in a 501st shirt.:)

However, as you can see, a lot of other assorted friends and relatives also had use of Jesse’s room.

Steampunk is Awesome.


Here is a pic of a very nice fellow who is also a puppeteer, and whose name I forgot(If you’re out there and see this, get in touch with me!)! I met so many fantastic people at Dragon Con, and if I didn’t get your card, chances are, your name, but not your persona, slipped my mind.:( Anyway, he called me over while I was walking in the dealer room and essentially said I should do a panel or workshop at the next DC. That was very flattering and indeed got me to thinking. He and I talked about all sorts of things–moving eyes on puppets, quality of work, lip synch,etc.

As you can see, he has decked out his wheelchair in steampunk magificence. I think one of the things I like most about the steampunk genre is its elegance. The term “steampunk” denotes “works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne”. Love it.

We even saw some steampunk Ghostbusters at Dragon Con. Go ahead–Google ’em! 😀