Long leave of absence hopefully over!

Dear friends, thank you for tuning in to this blog when you do. I have not only been busy these past few months, but I have been afflicted with an illness called Graves’ Disease. Essentially it is something going on in my body,possibly my thyroid, that is making my eyes cross, causing terrible double vision and a very wacked-out physical appearance, to be honest. And you know, working close up on things with sewing, and drawing, and especially typing long things to read, got, well, difficult. I hope you understand. But thanks to some strong medications I seemto be getting better ad I feel like writing again.

Since we are approaching Christmas, I thought I would share with you a terrific yet haunting video of a parade of Krampuses. Magnificent costumes on these guys..just look at the variety! My only lament is the use of so much real animal material.

I  wish my Halloween employer, Netherworld, could host some sort of mini-festival of this sort, given that we have several fine Krampuses in our stable of costumed characters. 🙂




Dudebro! For Adult Swim!


Back in March, I had the privilege of building and performing the puppet for the “Mad Drummer” station ID’s for the TV channel Adult Swim. Basically, a drummer is superimposed over various scene elements such as a black hole, a spinning galaxy, and an exploding fireball. His drumming intensifies according to the scene. I built the puppet in less than a week, and it was a huge head, made to sit atop a real drummer’s head.

He was lovingly dubbed “Dudebro” by the cast and crew. 🙂


Giant Spider Visits Liverpool!

Anyone who knows me knows I love The Beatles. I love them so much, in fact, I’ve visited Liverpool, their  city of origin. I had a great time and would love to go back again.

In 2009 another visitor was in Liverpool who had probably never heard of The Beatles, but its visit was certainly spectacular. It was an enormous robotic spider, and it looks as if it spent at least a full day creeping along the city streets, much to the awe of the Liverpudlians.

I can only imagine the exhaustion of the puppeteers after a long day astride the spider, but surely watching the faces of the thrilled viewers was a fine reward.

Little Jed Zombie!

This Halloween Season I am participating in ZombieWalk Atlanta 2010. My pal Smits is coming down from Nashville to walk with me and we came up with quite the sordid mess for our costumes. She will be a zombie Beatles fan, and I will be a zombie puppeteer!

This is a sketch for the puppet,Little Jed, that I intend to take along with me;

and here is the finished Little Jed. He is named after a rather amusing friend of mine whose daughter is a big fan of Mo.:)

Then there was the matter of costumes. During a recent visit to my house Smits joined me in the immense trashing of clothing for our zombiefied outfits. I cut up, bloodied and filthified my old Puppatoons logo shirt and jeans, as well as a dress she scored at Goodwill that had a definite retro flair to it, as if she had worn it in the sixties.

I think they came out quite well, eh?

Last but not least came the zombie makeup. We visited Atlanta Costume, where we picked up a bottle of liquid latex and a small palette of “dead” selection of Ben Nye makeup.

Five minutes into playing with the makeup I was hooked:

Oh, what fun we are going to have. 😀