Tales from DirtLand!

I’ve had to very quickly put together a show for the Southeastern Flower Show this year, and this year my production is called Tales from DirtLand. It stars a diminutive garden witch called The Great Gazinga, and she essentially “shrinks” all you folks out in the audience down to bug size and brings out bugs to talk to you.

Care to meet and talk to an earthworm? Well, we have Irma Worm for that.

Irma is six feet long and has a pair of glasses where her eyes should be.

Here she is with the stage backdrop.


Unfortunately, due to the death of my grandmother (to whom I will dedicate an entry later) I was not able to finish this whole play in time, so I will be only performing an excerpt. Still, I think we’ll have a good time.



Harmless Junkies!

These are some little puppets made of recycled materials that I’m going to try out in my Etsy shop! They’re called “Harmless Junkies”!

Zuzu’s Petals!

I’ll be performing at The 2010 Southeastern Flower Show tomorrow (there I am  on the schedule!), and I am very excited. I will at last perform The Little Green King, which is exciting enough, but getting to see this huge flower show for the first time is also going to be lots of fun and so interesting and inspiring.

Since Steve and I intend to see the rest of the show after my performance is over, I thought it would be perfect if I had a walkaround flower-themed puppet with me. Fortunately, I had time to make one this week. Enter Zuzu:

She has a root ball to sit in and to hide my arm, but it wasn’t assembled yet in this photo. Can’t wait to show her off.

Zuzu is of course a nod to the infamous “Zuzu’s petals!” line from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Little Green King

As well as blundering through the holidays,production has begun on a live play here at Puppatoons–please excuse the lack of posts lately. Here is a sneak peek:

This is the general design for the two puppets in the play The Little Green King, which is about two monster brothers who are rulers of lands right next door to each other. One king learns to take care of the land, while the other is wasteful and harmful to the environment,and soon gets his kingdom into trouble. The show is being created to perform at the Southeastern Flower Show in February.

Drawings on the placemat from Steak & Shake! King Glarfus the Green is on the left, King Blorfus the Blue is on the right.