Flingback Friday! Chuck Rooster in Oklahoma

Here is an article published in the Tulsa Tribune, starring yours truly. I was attending  the 50th American Puppetry Festival, Northeastern State University
, July 28 –   August 3, 1991
 Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The late Jim Malone was the Festival Director.

I am shown with one of my most beloved puppets,Chuck Rooster. He was made back in the days when I couldn’t sew, but I could design and pattern, so my doting late grandmother patiently did everything requiring a sewing machine while I drew patterns,gathered materials, showed Grandmother where this and that was attached,and placed the finishing touches on my puppets. Chuck was modeled after one of my favorite musicians, Tom Petty, and he performed a lip synch number to one of the rocker’s songs at a late-night do-anything performance known traditionally to puppetry festivals as “Potpourri Night”.



Long leave of absence hopefully over!

Dear friends, thank you for tuning in to this blog when you do. I have not only been busy these past few months, but I have been afflicted with an illness called Graves’ Disease. Essentially it is something going on in my body,possibly my thyroid, that is making my eyes cross, causing terrible double vision and a very wacked-out physical appearance, to be honest. And you know, working close up on things with sewing, and drawing, and especially typing long things to read, got, well, difficult. I hope you understand. But thanks to some strong medications I seemto be getting better ad I feel like writing again.

Since we are approaching Christmas, I thought I would share with you a terrific yet haunting video of a parade of Krampuses. Magnificent costumes on these guys..just look at the variety! My only lament is the use of so much real animal material.

I  wish my Halloween employer, Netherworld, could host some sort of mini-festival of this sort, given that we have several fine Krampuses in our stable of costumed characters. 🙂



Handsome Prince Barbecue!

Custom-making a short but fun show for a client is something I’m getting pretty good at doing. Here are some characters from my upcoming show Handsome Prince Barbecue, about a dragon who needs to bring home the main ingredient for his and his wife’s barbecue–a handsome prince. In the process, he brings home everything but the right thing until he at last comes across a handsome prince.


Laverne Dragon and me.

Noland, the hapless husband dragon, and me.

Prince Glop of the Trolls, the Ugly Prince

Prince Egbert Tropico III, the actual Handsome Prince.

Fiesta Atlanta!

Had a great(if exhausting) day at Fiesta Atlanta, which was an early Cinco de Mayo celebration! Entertained hundreds of children and adults,learned a few Spanish phrases (which I needed anyway),listened to some fine music, sampled way too much food, and got a lucha libre mask! Panchito and friends were an even bigger hit than I expected.:D

My friend Diana(who was photographing the event)Schwartz, Panchito Pinata, and me.

Panchito Pinata. He was an enormous hit, and a lot of people tried to buy him! I gave out quite a few business cards to people asking how they could get one.

Tales from DirtLand!

I’ve had to very quickly put together a show for the Southeastern Flower Show this year, and this year my production is called Tales from DirtLand. It stars a diminutive garden witch called The Great Gazinga, and she essentially “shrinks” all you folks out in the audience down to bug size and brings out bugs to talk to you.

Care to meet and talk to an earthworm? Well, we have Irma Worm for that.

Irma is six feet long and has a pair of glasses where her eyes should be.

Here she is with the stage backdrop.


Unfortunately, due to the death of my grandmother (to whom I will dedicate an entry later) I was not able to finish this whole play in time, so I will be only performing an excerpt. Still, I think we’ll have a good time.