found objects

Puddle Sprite!

I found this funny little toy animal(?) at a vintage store. I have no idea what he is. I cut off his lower half, which only had miniscule feet anyway, and unstuffed his torso. He makes a pretty darling little puppet, although he does need his lower section redone to extend down past my wrist. I also put the two funny pompoms on his forehead. Isn’t he cute? He sort of goes along with this funny squeaky voice my husband and I use around the house. Tentatively calling him a Puddle Sprite for now.

Puddle Sprite2


Harmless Junkies!

These are some little puppets made of recycled materials that I’m going to try out in my Etsy shop! They’re called “Harmless Junkies”!

Fanged Button Bags!

I had intended to make some little bags for us to take to Dragon Con, and while I’m walking around with my puppets, if someone wants a photo taken with me, I was planning to give them a freebie Puppatoons button. I wanted something neat to carry said buttons in, so this idea of fuzzy monster bags has been on the list for a couple of months.

I wanted to have good,solid bags,with linings, underneath the fur, so my husband had the brilliant idea to recycle gently-used manufactured bags. On a recent trip to Goodwill, we found two small purse-like bags that were practically new. I took them home, washed them in the washing machine, and they sat for a while. At last, today, I pulled them out of the project pile and startedย  having fun.

This was the result:


This was the first. It was made on top of a little girl’s tiny messenger bag from The Limited Too store.


The second one is probably more appropriate for Steve to carry– a bit less purse-like. It seemed to be some sort of camera bag. I’m tempted to give it legs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Vapor, completed!


I decided to go ahead and finish Vapor, and I am very pleased with the result. My sewing was kind of erratic,but since he was completely experimental, I don’t feel too bad about it.He’s mine, so no big deal. But it looks like I’ve already got a ghost puppet commission in the works, and that one will of course be much tidier and neater. This is the first time I’ve made a puppet that replies on drapery to make it’s “body”, and it worked out well. He has two layers of blue sheer fabric that I got out of the formalwear section at JoAnn Fabrics, and it matches the color of the fleece used for his face and hands PERFECTLY. Between the layers of sheer is a layer of cheesecloth, which may or may not be necessary–I put it in to give a tad of body and texture, but I’m not sure it was needed.


My favorite thing, though, is his gnarled little hands–in sewing his impossibly skinny fingers with just a whipstitch, I accidentally made them twist and turn, which is one of those happy accidents again.:) Photos don’t really do this fellow justice; I need to make video of him so you can see how nicely the drapery flows.