Mastodon video: DEATHBOUND

This was an extremely fun, well-paid, and momentous day: I was performing (and lending some of my own puppets) my own puppets in a music video for a well-known band,I worked with a lot of my fellow Atlanta puppeteers, I learned about working with fire on camera, and I met two of my best friends, Shane Morton and Madeline Brumby, who I would go on to perform with in their Silver Scream Spook Show.
Now, the video and song may not be to everyone’s taste; I’ll warn you right off the bat. VERY METAL,VERY LOUD!
However, I can assure you the members of  the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Mastodon, especially their drummer, Brann Dailor, were really terrific to us. I had worked with Brann on yet another puppet project I’ll talk about later, and it was a grueling experience, yet he was as professional and friendly as could be.

Here is the video!


Next,I’ll show you some screencaps of what I did, and puppets that are mine:

Mastodon video 1

In this one, you can clearly see my little cyclops guy, Mo! I was operating him.

Mastodon video 2

I think my pal Melissa was operating my puppet called Dinky Donkey back there. And Shane Morton is in the giant green cyclops costume!

Mastodon video 3

This is a case of “my puppet is back there”–my wolf, Lonnie, is in the background. I am operating someone else’s puppet in the foreground. It’s the red one. Several explosions happened here!

Mastodon video 4

The red monster in the back is mine, although he doesn’t look like this anymore. That’s Duddey.

Mastodon video 5

Funnily enough I have a second donkey in this video–Tack, to the far left.

Back to Building!!

After a long absence, I finally started building puppets again. I have a little bit better ways of working and scheduling myself now which has made things tons easier.
I was getting very burned out on my art therapy with seniors after dealing with many, many deaths. I think that is all I want to say about that.

My first new commission was for my dear old friend Brett Roberts, who I have made several little puppets for before.  He wanted a miniature, puppet version of the character Honk seen in the old 1970s show Far Out Space Nuts.

Honk was a full body suit character played by Patty Maloney, and I really like the character, so I was happy to do this one.

Honk pic1

Here is the original character,

Honk finished.jpg

And my puppet version! Beep beep!




“Most Talented” and “Most Creative”

Well,I don’t know if I lived up to this or not, but it was pretty cool being chosen for this. This is me and my buddy Alex in the Senior Edition of our high school (Tucker High, Class of ’89)newspaper (we were actually part of its staff), chosen as “Most Talented” and “Most Creative”, but I’ve never really known who was who.:)

I’m holding one of my old puppets, Benmont, who is a cockatoo with a smart little bow tie.


Spookygirl, by Jill Baguchinsky!

Friend and fan of Puppatoons Jill Baguchinsky did something incredible and special–she WON the Young Adult Fiction contest for Amazon!!! She won, she won, she won and now she’s gonna be PUBLISHED! I am so proud of my dear friend.

Her winning entry novel, Spookygirl, is available for pre-order at Amazon!

Here’s the scoop: Violet Addison can chat with the dead, but what really frightens her is starting her sophomore year at a new school. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Violet is about find herself in the company of ghosts . . . both playful and deadly evil. Standing at the threshold to an unseen world with newfound friends at her side, only Violet can uncover the truth behind her mother’s death and save the family business–paranormal investigation.

Trust me folks; if you like a ghost story with dashes of humor and wit and a good helping of mystery, this is the tale for you. I know I’ll be ordering it.

Dudebro! For Adult Swim!


Back in March, I had the privilege of building and performing the puppet for the “Mad Drummer” station ID’s for the TV channel Adult Swim. Basically, a drummer is superimposed over various scene elements such as a black hole, a spinning galaxy, and an exploding fireball. His drumming intensifies according to the scene. I built the puppet in less than a week, and it was a huge head, made to sit atop a real drummer’s head.

He was lovingly dubbed “Dudebro” by the cast and crew. 🙂


Warrior Dash 2011!

This past weekend I participated in a hilariously muddy, filthy, wet n’ rugged race called Warrior Dash. And of course, I always have to bring Puppatoons into the event, so, I put a small creature on top of my helmet I wore:

Skoop Daloop, my lucky running mate, and:

My Warrior Mo shirt I painted for the occasion.

Actual race pics after the jump. I figured somebody out there might want to see one or two.


“The Violet Thing” and Carson

A few weeks ago, I made some puppets for someone. This was one, included as a freebie:

I called it The Violet Thing, and I got very attached to it.  I hated to send it away.

So I decided to make a new one. This time I might even jazz it up with a furry neck, using some very crazy-patterned fur I got from my pal Jill in a fur trade.

This was the result of my doodling:

Haven’t started it yet, but you can see most of the same features—-the little corkscrew feelers on top of the head, the long tongue,multicolor pompom nostril bumps, and wide eyes. His name is Carson, because, well..I have this idea about keeping him in the car and entertaining my fellow saps stuck at red lights. He is also named for my pal Brian Carson of Creatures Inspired.