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New Puppatoons Video!

We were having way too much fun with my friend Zach, who was trying to get his “elevator pitch” together. (I’m going to let y’all Google that one) Anyway, here it is, a bundle of cuteness…  Zach Translates for Mo–The Resume



I’m working on a commission for The Sexy Armpit, a blog about pop culture in New Jersey. It’s a great site and I’m proud to be a part of bringing its slimy green mascot character, Sludgey, to life.

Bit by bit, he is taking shape. Next come layers of green fleece “slime”.

Warrior Dash 2011!

This past weekend I participated in a hilariously muddy, filthy, wet n’ rugged race called Warrior Dash. And of course, I always have to bring Puppatoons into the event, so, I put a small creature on top of my helmet I wore:

Skoop Daloop, my lucky running mate, and:

My Warrior Mo shirt I painted for the occasion.

Actual race pics after the jump. I figured somebody out there might want to see one or two.


Blackrock Dynamite.

Seriously, folks, I’m totally  blown away (no pun intended) after tonight’s episode of LOST. I just need a horse, even if it’s just a Breyer Model, named Blackrock Dynamite. I think I read on Twitter that someone wants to nominate The Black Rock Dynamite for an Emmy as a special guest star. XD

Anyway, just had to scribble my fictional horse. He’s extremely unstable, and will blow up before you can speak!