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Warrior Dash 2011!

This past weekend I participated in a hilariously muddy, filthy, wet n’ rugged race called Warrior Dash. And of course, I always have to bring Puppatoons into the event, so, I put a small creature on top of my helmet I wore:

Skoop Daloop, my lucky running mate, and:

My Warrior Mo shirt I painted for the occasion.

Actual race pics after the jump. I figured somebody out there might want to see one or two.


Blackrock Dynamite.

Seriously, folks, I’m totally  blown away (no pun intended) after tonight’s episode of LOST. I just need a horse, even if it’s just a Breyer Model, named Blackrock Dynamite. I think I read on Twitter that someone wants to nominate The Black Rock Dynamite for an Emmy as a special guest star. XD

Anyway, just had to scribble my fictional horse. He’s extremely unstable, and will blow up before you can speak!