Commission: Cuddly Toy Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!

I was asked by my fellow Ghostbuster Brock  Parker if I could make an item to auction off for charity at our Ghostbusters II Screening Event that will take place at The Alabama Theater on July 30. The proceeds will go toward helping the victims of the recent tornadoes in Alabama. I said,”Sure thing, Brock, whatever you need”. He asked for a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and here you go.:) it took a while to get the shapes for the arms right..or at least as right as I could get them…XD but he is very cuddly and soft, made of fleece and felt and  ready to be cuddled.

He will be going up for auction to benefit Alabama tornado victims as part of The Alabama Ghostbusters‘ GB2 movie event July 30th!



The Tale of the Screaming Skull!

At the Southern Museum in Kennesaw, Vapor and I did almost sixteen performances in two consecutive nights, adding a couple of shows due to popular demand. The occasion was an event called “The Haunted Museum”, which was for older kids and adults, and an all-ages Halloween festival took place on the same site. The show was called “The Tale of the Screaming Skull”, and uses total audience participation. I performed it  in an adorable little depot across the street from the museum,which made the perfect puppet theater.

I made hats, each with the face of a character in the story, and once the audience knew what as going on, the kids were falling all over themselves wanting to play characters in the play. We had a great time, and my sixteen different dads out of the audience, who played my Screaming Skull, were terrific.

Many thanks to Laurel, who coordinated the Halloween festival and treated me like royalty while i was there. Steve also came on the second night, dressed as a Ghostbuster.

Mother Pusbucket!!

Hopefully in time for Dragon Con, I’m making a sort of beastly/monstrous/possessed/haunted proton pack to wear with my “dress” Ghostbusters uniform ( a black Dickies dress with appropriate patches and a few gadgets).It will be a good bit smaller than my real proton pack, but since in our costuming group, The Georgia Ghostbusters, customizing your “character” is encouraged, I couldn’t resist playing around with something like this.

It’s the very first sketch, of course, and doesn’t nearly express all the doodads and whatzits all over a proton pack. But it’s a start, especially a big red eye down where the cyclotron is.

I’m thinking of calling it Pusbucket. 😀

And here’s some of our brave Boys in Gray(which is really khaki), the Georgia Ghostbusters! Photo by Mitchell(not shown), “streams” by Steve! I was taking another photo a few feet away and I am not in the pic. Neither is Ron, who was getting something straightened out with his costume. L-R: Jairus, Chace, Mike, Steve, Hal and Derek!

Vapor and Toys for Tots!

Folks, please remember to stop by a Toys for Tots participating business in your community this Christmas, if you can, and donate a new, unwrapped toy for a needy youngster. Click the link to find Toys for Tots drop-off centers in your area. Most of the time, the drop-off boxes are at toy stores.

This past weekend Vapor was very busy, trooping with Ghostbusters, The Star Wars characters of The Fighting 501st,The Rebel Legion, and various other pop-culture icon characters at two different Toys R Us locations in two cities. It was an exhausting weekend, but we collected a LOT of toys and had a great time. Steve and I chose to be Ghostbusters instead of wearing our 501st gear just to get some more mileage out of our beloved proton packs.

Here we are at the first Toys for Tots location,with mostly Star Wars characters. The person taking the photo wanted all the women to get together for a pic.

We had a good variety at the second location; Jedi, Ghostbusters, Klingons..


Vapor at our First Ghostbusting Troop! In a spiritual sense of course.

(video shot by Smits)

What a day we had this past Saturday; it was our first official troop with the Central Georgia Ghostbusters, at the Eagles Landing Baptist Church Health Fair and Blood Drive in McDonough.

Chace, Mitchell, Ronald, Smits , Derek , Steve, Vapor and me.

As I’ve mentioned, my pal Smits was visiting from out of town, and was thrilled to get to be our Janine for a day. She whipped up an outfit with barely 24 hours notice after I asked her if she wanted to participate.