Little Ghost Peeps!



Halloween is for my group of close friends what Chistmas is to others–we get together and have a big day of  fun that involves going out for dinner, seeing a show such as The Ghastly Dreadfuls, and exchanging presents and cards. I made these litle cuties Saturday to give to our friends on Sunday. Each little ghost holds an accessory complimenting the recipient; Gina loves her cats immensely, Darrell has a thing for bats, Detag really digs football and..Jesse? Well, Jesse really loves the Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars we get at Walt Disney World.:)

Close-ups after the jump.


The Ghastly Dreadfuls at The Center for Puppetry Arts!


OH, to be able to work with this multi-talented crew and especially under its creator, Jon Ludwig. Jon has been a hero of mine since I saw one of his first works at The Center for Puppetry Arts when I was a teenager.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls transplants the audience into a graveyard at midnight, where seven spirits, each with a distinct personality, arrive to greet and entertain–some by playing instruments, while others dance and sing. Some are the puppeteers, and they truly are masters of their work, delivering stories often with  three or four different styles of puppetry at the same time–marionettes, rod puppets, shadow puppets and even enormous full-body creations, as well as changing costumes to even put themselves in some of the vignettes. The spirits’ names are Dapperly Dreadful, Daftly Dreadful, Dizzily Dreadful, Darkly Dreadful, Catly Dreadful, TartlyDreadful(this year replaced by Lady Dreadful), and Simply Dreadful. Jon himself plays Simply Dreadful, the  ringmaster of the macabre mayhem.

Spoiler: here is one of the favorite pieces from the show, “The Girl in the New Dress”:

If you’re in Atlanta, or planning a trip here around Halloween, this is  a must-see show.

The Tour of Southern Ghosts.



Spent a chilly evening last night at The Tour of Southern Ghosts at Stone Mountain Park. The Tour is held in the historic antebellum plantation buildings that reside at the foot of the front of the mountain, and boy, howdy, on a chilly October night, with a cup of hot apple cider in your hand, it is a splendid way to spend an evening. The locations in the plantation vary from year to year; one year you might visit the cook house, the slave cabins, the garden and the smokehouse. Another year’s tour might take you  inside the main house,or outside at the foot of its grand double porch staircase. But at each location along the tour, a storyteller will weave a tale of mystery, tragedy,adventure or comedy that somehow always involves a brush with the spirit world. The storytellers dress in antebellum-period clothing, and all work in conjunction with The Art Station in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Tour of Southern Ghosts is a fundraiser for The Art Station, and at the end of the tour is a small gift shop set up in an old schoolhouse,where one can purchase homemade Halloween crafts, books of southern ghost stories, and baked goods that further benefit this non-profit organization.

But back to the tour. One storyteller I look forward to hearing and seeing every year is David Hirt,whom I discovered is a puppet builder himself–he crafts marionettes!

Here is David in action:

First Prize Costumes!


Last night Steve and I attended a party given by the SPCA ( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that had a costume contest. We showed up in our Ghostbusters gear and quickly became the belles of the ball.

We won “Best Costumes”, landing ourselves a $100 gift certificate to our choice of several nice restaurants in town.  We now both have proton packs, so I wore mine instead of taking Vapor, but he was out in the car….


Since everyone was so nice to us with all the compliments on our costumes, I exchanged my proton pack for Vapor, and proceeded to entertain the crowd. Out on the dance floor, Vapor was quite a hit with the ladies. I think I now know how Frank Oz felt, dealing with Miss Piggy and men. It’s a funny thing. I feel quite comfortable performing male characters, but women flock to Vapor now, and so I sort of have to think like a gets complicated.


Great Netherworld Video!


This is a very descriptive video just posted on YouTube about Netherworld. I have no idea when it was filmed or if I was working that night or not, but I recognize a lot of my new friends! I’m pretty sure that’s Ben Armstrong,co-founder, narrating.

You can briefly see Mega Mouth at 2:43!

…and some pics:


Here’s my friend Derek, wrangling The Reaper!


Derek, me, and Ethan–we were all puppeteers the night this was taken!

Husband-Wife Halloween Fun!


Two friends of mine are joining in the online festivities together, and I think you should take a look!

Creator of Branded in the 80’s, Smurfwreck (love that name), has a Halloween Countdown of all the different and cool monsters from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon!

His wife is cranking out some adorable Halloween pillows that just keep getting cuter and cuter, on her website, Demonals.

Scary demonic….zebra?


There’s a freaky demonish sound you hear in Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller”, just after the line,

They’re out to get you,demons closin’ in on every side.

Well,I am 99% certain that demon is a zebra. Perhaps distorted a bit, maybe even sped up. But a zebra nonetheless.:)


If you don’t believe me, go here.

My other 1% guess would be a loon, but I would think the sound a loon makes would be  more well-known to the general public than a zebra’s voice, which makes me lean more toward zebra.