I have returned!

Sorry folks. I was plain old suffering from burnout.


But now I am back, with new ideas and a little revamping of the site, the shows I offer, and  what I am building. Right now I am working on three gift puppets for the Hobbit dwarf actors who will be at Dragon Con. Want to  see the progress? Keep checking back this week!


And here they are, ready for features and costumes, ready to be transformed into Bombur, Fili and Gloin.


“The Violet Thing” and Carson

A few weeks ago, I made some puppets for someone. This was one, included as a freebie:

I called it The Violet Thing, and I got very attached to it.  I hated to send it away.

So I decided to make a new one. This time I might even jazz it up with a furry neck, using some very crazy-patterned fur I got from my pal Jill in a fur trade.

This was the result of my doodling:

Haven’t started it yet, but you can see most of the same features—-the little corkscrew feelers on top of the head, the long tongue,multicolor pompom nostril bumps, and wide eyes. His name is Carson, because, well..I have this idea about keeping him in the car and entertaining my fellow saps stuck at red lights. He is also named for my pal Brian Carson of Creatures Inspired.

Haunted Mansion Christmas Stockings!

Well, it’s Christmas 2010, and I made little gifts for my friends who go on our trips to Walt Disney World and dress up as characters from The Haunted Mansion. Wanna see??

Pickwick, Prudence and The Ghost Host,

Hitchhiking Ghosts Phineas, Ezra and Gus,

and our newest addition (who still hasn’t officially worn the costume yet, but we have appointed it),our friend Kyle, as The Caretaker.


These wee stockings are about the size of a child’s sock, and are made almost completely of felt, with rhinestone eyes, and blue and gold rickrack for trimming. The letters are plastic and were, oddly enough, a Goodwill find just days before I undertook this project.

Seasons Screamings, everyone!