haunted mansion

Haunted Mansion Christmas Stockings!

Well, it’s Christmas 2010, and I made little gifts for my friends who go on our trips to Walt Disney World and dress up as characters from The Haunted Mansion. Wanna see??

Pickwick, Prudence and The Ghost Host,

Hitchhiking Ghosts Phineas, Ezra and Gus,

and our newest addition (who still hasn’t officially worn the costume yet, but we have appointed it),our friend Kyle, as The Caretaker.


These wee stockings are about the size of a child’s sock, and are made almost completely of felt, with rhinestone eyes, and blue and gold rickrack for trimming. The letters are plastic and were, oddly enough, a Goodwill find just days before I undertook this project.

Seasons Screamings, everyone!


…and we’ve done it again!


Here we are in yet another year’s edition of our Disney’s Haunted Mansion costumes, and I think we completely outdid ourselves this time.


Left to right, Pickwick ,The Bride(me!),and the Hitchhiking Ghosts; Phineas, Ezra and Gus, plus newcomer Zach as a sort of general butler/assistant(but we are dubbing him The Ghost Host). Prudence took the photo.

You may notice we have a “fresh” individual with us. That’s our friend Nicole, former Mansion Maid and a mighty cute Tightrope Girl,A.K.A  Lillian O’Malley Gracey.


Here’s me, Steve and Nicole during one of our sit-down breaks we had.


The whole horde of us, plus Mansion staff,including our pal Shane(kneeling down in front) who helped us set up a lot of the really good photos we got this year.

Disney Halloween Goodness!



Vapor was very excited to have a chance at being the 1,000th Ghost in the Haunted Mansion!


Steve and I weren’t too sure the other 999 Happy Haunts were happy to see us, considering how we were dressed.:)


Vapor had a photo opportunity with Master Gracey’s portrait!


..and, when we were out to eat beforehand, I decided to recreate a scene from Ghostbusters, with Jesse lending a hand in puppeteering across the table.