Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

..from Paddy O’ Pip and his little brother,Petey O’ Pip!


Long leave of absence hopefully over!

Dear friends, thank you for tuning in to this blog when you do. I have not only been busy these past few months, but I have been afflicted with an illness called Graves’ Disease. Essentially it is something going on in my body,possibly my thyroid, that is making my eyes cross, causing terrible double vision and a very wacked-out physical appearance, to be honest. And you know, working close up on things with sewing, and drawing, and especially typing long things to read, got, well, difficult. I hope you understand. But thanks to some strong medications I seemto be getting better ad I feel like writing again.

Since we are approaching Christmas, I thought I would share with you a terrific yet haunting video of a parade of Krampuses. Magnificent costumes on these guys..just look at the variety! My only lament is the use of so much real animal material.

I ย wish my Halloween employer, Netherworld, could host some sort of mini-festival of this sort, given that we have several fine Krampuses in our stable of costumed characters. ๐Ÿ™‚



Fiesta Atlanta!

Had a great(if exhausting) day at Fiesta Atlanta, which was an early Cinco de Mayo celebration! Entertained hundreds of children and adults,learned a few Spanish phrases (which I needed anyway),listened to some fine music, sampled way too much food, and got a lucha libre mask! Panchito and friends were an even bigger hit than I expected.:D

My friend Diana(who was photographing the event)Schwartz, Panchito Pinata, and me.

Panchito Pinata. He was an enormous hit, and a lot of people tried to buy him! I gave out quite a few business cards to people asking how they could get one.

Busy with a Western Show!

Well, dear readers, I have neglected you somewhat lately..I have been running around like an idiot trying to get my latest show completed. So,I will share the characters from this show, “Jimmie Kate’s Hoedown of Friendship and Love”, with you.:)


First, Jimmie Kate herself. She’s a spunky little palomino horse who considers me part of her Trained Human Show. XD



Happy New Year!

I LOVE lion dances! The athletic ability of the dancers is just…astounding. Yes, keep in mind every time a lion stands on its hind legs, that’s the guy in the back holding the head guy up on his shoulders.

And they are sill fine puppeteers through it all. he heads move and blink and twitch their ears,giving you the illusion that the lions are completely real….you believe!

Recorded on January 27, 2009,this was the lion dance performance at the Shatin Racegrounds prior to the opening day of races for 2009 – Year of the Ox.