Giant Hand Puppet Design.



Giant hand puppet









Apparently I felt the need to design a giant-size,full body puppet that was a hand puppet design, like a huge relative of Oliver J. Dragon gone amok. I have no memory of what this was for. I’l return to the post if/when I do.




Puppatoons Playhouse Cast

I have always wanted a small ensemble cast of puppets for the Puppatoons Playhouse to act as my stock performing troupe, hosts, etc.; a signature little bunch of characters. Although I know mouth puppets are more the “vogue” style of puppet nowadays because of the very wonderful Muppets, I still love, love, love, the simplicity and charm of “glove” puppets. Finally, here is the cast (chicken is still unnamed) after much paring and doodling and rearranging of personalities, species and colors.:) Once I sorted them all out I realized each character is a little facet of myself.(more on that later, haha)


Choo Choo Kachoo!

This is a project I began for a former employer, but now that I no longer work for this employer,I thought I would continue it myself. The idea was to have a puppet show about trains, both model and real. Having grown up in a household with my Dad’s  large O-scale layout,I think this sounds like fun. It will be on the back burner for a while,but I thought I would share the characters I came up with; a bear and/or dog engineer(s), and a dragon fireman, who may sneeze a lot, helping the coal-burning process along.:)

Gwinkul Patterns!

(for some reason the pic isn’t showing up at the moment.)

Trying to decide if Gwinkul  should have spots or stripes; I have potential fabric for either choice. I’ve decided OhNose will be pink with an orange nose, so I would like to make Gwinkul a contrasting or complementary color.


Along with a bigger, dramatic piece (The Peasant and the Dragon),I’ve been working on getting a simple show with smaller puppets and a smaller stage together for schools and libraries. Its in three parts–Dinky Donkey and his drawing first, then Gwinkul and OhNose, and I’ve been straining my brain trying to come up with the third part–it still may be something interchangeable, but one idea I have is for this dog puppet, Bardolph. He’s blue and white and somewhat shaggy, and I think I may have him have a little pair of glasses he can lift up and down. You see, Bardolph  is supposed to be teaching an obedience class and he begins to call roll: “Fluffy! Spot! Bowser!” and realizes nobody is answering. Then he looks at his audience and realizes it’s a bunch of human kids! So he decides to simply go on and teach the class anyway. I think the kids would get a blast out of getting to get up out of their chairs and essentially play a game of Simon Says..”Sit! Speak! Stay!”

Gwinkul and OhNose!

These two have been hanging around in my brain for a while.I’ve been trying to get a cute, simple show with fun little characters for a live show for schools and libraries—-something that doesn’t require a lot of setup time like The Peasant and the Dragon, which is an involved, dramatic show. No,I need something that can be three or four short mini-plays and we follow up with a workshop afterward. (Heck,I’d want to do that myself if I were a kid!) Anyway, good ol’ Dinky Donkey will appear in one skit, and will draw as a story is narrated. Then, these two, Gwinkul and OhNose, will have their turn. They will basically act out a common problem or dilemma faced by kids or teach short lessons–peer pressure,eating right,respecting yourself, safety,etc–all kinds of subjects can fit here. Essentially OhNose is the straight man who knows the right thing to do(after frantically squeaking “Oh Noes!”), and Gwinkul is the one who’s always doing something wrong, usually because he simply doesn’t know any better. Now, a third skit is in the making, and Steve and I were talking about having Bleach be a reporter and interview a couple of kids. This is a good idea, but I think I might want to keep Bleach as a web-show only puppet. I don’t know..I like the idea an awful lot. 🙂

Then, we follow up with one of my workshops! Good times for all!


Been sketching a little guy for a possible new take-along puppet for hockey games next year. This time it would be a carry-under-the arm puppet with  a fake arm “supporting” it while my arm goes inside to work the head. He’s a baby ice dragon who eats hockey pucks, named Oopuck.