So busy!!!

Folks,I have not had any timeto blog and be part of the Halloween Countdown.I promise to make it up to you with a huge Halloween related post in the next day or so, and THEN you will see!


In the meantime, I am giving you something fantastic. Not puppetry, but deals with costumes and makeup.

Are you ready for silly color ย test footage of Boris Karloff in Son of Frankenstein??Here!!!


Zombie Walk 2010!

So we’re back from ZombieWalk Atlanta 2010, and we have mixed reviews.

First off, we had fun anyway, getting our costumes and makeup together. Not to mention bringing Little Jed to life. Jaime was a zombie Beatles fan, and her LP-through-the-head prop got lots of laughs and photos taken.

The event was totally in the rain, which definitely made it more apocalyptic, and you cant help the weather. Hundreds of people turned out for an impressive array of zombie costuming, from well-thought out and crafted spooky, gooey masterpieces to the frat boys who bought a five-dollar bottle of fake blood at Party City, threw it on some old clothes and ran downtown hoping to harass civilians.

We started out at historic Oakland Cemetery, which, looking back on it, ended up being a rather disrespectful place, considering what people were doing—-I even got caught up in the moment and had photos taken amongst the graves—–but people were smearing fake blood on public property and I don’t really take kindly to that.

There is a definite code of conduct for these type events, and while the majority followed them, the “frat boy” mentality of some made us look bad. There were many people diving out into the street after cars, banging on the hoods and sticking their heads into the windows of drivers who,I can assure you, were not willing participants.

Then we had the people who were just a little too “into” it to realize how annoying they were…those who kept doing the same schtick over and over to the same zombie costumers in the procession…yes,we,your fellow zombies, saw your costume five seconds ago; you don’t need to come “RAAAHHHR” in our faces again. And again. And again.

But overall, it was a real hoot. I might think twice about it next year, especially since the organization on it wasn’t that keen, took forever just to find out where everyone was supposed to meet up, although there was definite drama posted on the information site about “who we are no longer affiliated with”. Cut the personal crap and just tell us where and when.


Little Jed Zombie!

This Halloween Season I am participating in ZombieWalk Atlanta 2010. My pal Smits is coming down from Nashville to walk with me and we came up with quite the sordid mess for our costumes. She will be a zombie Beatles fan, and I will be a zombie puppeteer!

This is a sketch for the puppet,Little Jed, that I intend to take along with me;

and here is the finished Little Jed. He is named after a rather amusing friend of mine whose daughter is a big fan of Mo.:)

Then there was the matter of costumes. During a recent visit to my house Smits joined me in the immense trashing of clothing for our zombiefied outfits. I cut up, bloodied and filthified my old Puppatoons logo shirt and jeans, as well as a dress she scored at Goodwill that had a definite retro flair to it, as if she had worn it in the sixties.

I think they came out quite well, eh?

Last but not least came the zombie makeup. We visited Atlanta Costume, where we picked up a bottle of liquid latex and a small palette of “dead” selection of Ben Nye makeup.

Five minutes into playing with the makeup I was hooked:

Oh, what fun we are going to have. ๐Ÿ˜€