Sock Puppet Caterpillar!

Here is the sock puppet (completed) kit that my seniors will receive this week. Kit includes the sock with the mouth already put in, and pre-cut antennae, plus a pompom nose and wiggly eyes to glue on.

Caterpillar Sock Puppet Caterpillar Sock Puppet2


Dinky Donkey!

I got some red mohair fabric in the mail.It isn’t totally what I expected, but that’s okay, because it really wasn’t intended for making No Ears (a teddy bear puppet in planning)anyway. I do,however, intend to make a small puppet that has that wonderful “retro toy” style.The fabric is old, from a vintage coat lining. It still has that wonderful mohair “feel” that synthetic fur simply can’t match, and nothing had to die for it to be made(mohair is woven from the fleece of angora goats).But the fur has a more,well, horse-like feel to’s sparse and a little bristly.I had considered making several other creatures such a little red duck, or even a donkey or rabbit,before I got the mohair. But a rabbit or a duck should be much softer.As goofy as it sounds, I almost feel like if I hold the fabric long enough it will tell me what should be made.

..and here’s what became of it. A little guy I called Dinky Donkey.

Plastic Canvas Puppets!


This was something I had wondered about anyway, utilizing plastic canvas somehow in puppet making, and lo and behold, I found a book on ebay on the exact subject.


The designs are well-done and obviously meticulously constructed.I have a few issues with the anatomy–the wide, gaping mouth on the giraffe and zebra,for instance—but I’m sure the children don’t care. These do look like fun puppets to play with.

I especially like the toucan; that’s a great example of getting a bird with a hard, rigid beak. I would just cover the rest of it in plush.

Anyway, it was a good buy and I’m glad to have it–quite interesting.

Fake Fun Fur Finds!


First, here’s the booty that I got from Mintconspiracy in one of our Fur Trades. She also gave be a thick pack of remnant felt. YES!


Here’s the collar of a small coat I got at Goodwill–I think it will be great for Trinket’s face and ears.


The lining of a coat I found at a thrift store has a lovely cat-like print with tiny bits of gold tinsel throughout.


This is the awesome 60’s coat which I simply couldn’t wear..but I’m determined to make this into something wonderful.:)


This is the only remaining piece of the fabric used in a leopard costume my grandmother made for me when I was 6. It was packed away in my childhood junk. It’s still in teriffic shape, considering it’s over 30 years old.


Those of you who know me really, really well will probably know who’s going to be made out of this.:)

The Fur, Oven Mitt, and the Pink Mod Fabric.


Here’s the groomed blue fur and the orange. The blue still has a “worn” look, somewhat, but nowhere near like it did before. The orange is very shiny and silky. I wonder if I should try selling this stuff? I certainly have access to a lot of secondhand stores where I am.


And..the oven mitt, which I left intact because it was A) new with a tag, and B) already nicely sewn together, so I might conform a puppety head or body to work with its shape.


This is the pink stuff. It is very stretchy, like swimsuit fabric, but it doesn’t quite seem like swimsuit fabric. My grandmother used to make all her own clothes in the 60’s and 70’s, and it reminds me of the boxes and boxes of scraps of polyester she used to keep in the attic. God,I cried when her house was cleaned out(she moved to an assisted living home) and all that fabric was tossed.

Plush, plush, and more plush.

It was a very good thrift store hunting day yesterday. I scored yet another fuzzy blue sleeping bag, although its fur is shorter and was,well…kinda matted, but a great color. I got it home, gutted it from the lining, washed it, and combed it, and now it looks pretty darned spiffy. Almost a yard of good blue fur for $4. Can’t beat that. It might end up as another relative of Mo. Maybe Mo’s Mom. The first blue sleeping bag fur will be Mo’s little brother Ewbee.

Another thing I found was the small, skanky love-child of the monstrous orange pillow that Smits got when she was here. It of course was relieved of its stuffing, wahsed and combed and it’s shiny and silky. The third plush goodie I  snagged was a leopard print oven mitt. It’s weird, but it was brand new with the tag still on. I washed it anyway.

The last thing was some LOUD hot pink polyester with a kickass op art  raised design woven all through it; same color all over, but the waves definitely show and it would be the coolest alien space monster skin.