Silver Scream Spook Show–Gruno and Gliz’s Costumes

We haven’t been able to be in the Spook Show for a while as it hasn’t been able to be in its usual venue–long story. But, I do have lots of fun mementos and photos, including the rather extensive collection of costumes that Gruno and Gliz have accumulated. Here are a few:

Mo at the Atlanta Braves game!

I would first like to extend a very warm thank you to my friend Zach and his friend Emily,both Atlanta Braves employees, for allowing me and Steve and our pal Detag a unique privilege; getting to go onto the baseball field before an Atlanta Braves game and participate in the “parade” around the field perimeter. The field was shared yesterday by participants in a Father’s Day race,a whole bunch of little league teams, and of course, Mo and me.

I was encouraged to bring a puppet by Zach; little did I know what an opportunity it was to get Mo’s face out there.


Mo Meets his Number One Fan!

Three-year old Zoe isΒ  a great champion of Mo—-she owns a Mo stuffed toy and can quote him quite perfectly in his online adventures! So you can imagine her ear-to-ear smile when she at last met her hero. She gave him lots of hugs,showed him how to do push-ups and cartwheels, and told him several secrets—–what they were about is between the two of them! πŸ˜€