old artwork

Throwback Thursday!

Me in Helen, Ga., where we had a puppetry festival in the late 80’s? Early 90’s? Anyway, I’m holding my little winged horse puppet Tumbleweed, who was much later recycled into Jimmie Kate.


Tumbleweed and me,early 90’s?

I cannot remember what year this was. I do know it was at a Puppetry Festival here in Georgia, in a little town in the North Georgia Mountains called Helen. Helen has an Alpine theme, and although nowhere near captures the charm and magic of a German village like it used to(now it’s like a German-looking Panama City Beach, tacky and trashy), it’s still an unusual destination.

I’m standing outside the Helendorf River Inn, and I think we were all getting ready for a parade–that can only explain my hat.I’m holding my dear little flying palomino, Tumbleweed, and wearing a shirt that I painted with his likeness. Note my tacky boot-shaped earrings.


This is a positively ancient drawing of mine–I don’t even know what computer program I used back then— but I thought it would be fun to put here with all the other crazy creatures. This is Chamseh, and she is a species I created called a Turrak. Turraks are desert-dwelling creatures that feature prominently in a story I’m working on called TUSK. And looking at Chamseh’s face, it’s probably not hard to see where the title comes from.