Cup Puppets from Pack-O-Fun!

Here are patterns for making animal puppets out of styrofoam cups, but I bet any type of paper or plastic cup would work, as well.Click the jump for image!



Schoolhouse Finger Puppets from Pack-O-Fun!

Sorry for the lack of posts; tragedies in our pet rescue abounded this week.

From the September 1973 issue of Pack-O-Fun comes this charming pattern for a schoolhouse complete with finger puppets of a teacher and her students!

(pattern after the jump)


Pack-O-Fun: Egg Carton Alligator!

Oh, god, I loved making egg carton alligators and dragons when I was a kid. Once I dug out this edition of Pack-O-Fun magazine(it’s from 1967; I was born several years later) from the huge craft magazine stash over at Grandmothers, there was no stopping me. Every time an egg carton was emptied, I had to have it. Once I got cocky and tried to store the last egg elsewhere in the refrigerator so I could have the carton. Needless to say, there was actual discipline  of kids back then and my grandmother was not pleased.

The two pages with the alligator, a neat dinosaur, and a couple of other projects are under the link.


Pack-O-Fun: Crazy little carpet-scrap puppets!


As you may remember from previous entries, Pack-O-Fun is a magazine all about crafting with scraps and items that would normally be thrown away; there are few things required to go out and buy, which is what I always loved so much about it. Nowadays every craft has this whole ridiculous materials list and many lines of storebought  products to make it easier,like scrapbooking. I dunno; kinda takes the charm out of it for me. But anyway, this edition of Pack-O-Fun has some weird little puppets made from carpet scraps and with some wacked-out head shapes. It’s from 1977, so, hey, it’s meant to be far-out and groovy, man! Still, they’re cute in their own funkalicious way. I especially like the buggy-eyed guy in the middle, although he does lean a bit toward looking like an Alabammy blackface minstrel.



The YaddaDaddas 2.0

I’ve got it! I’ve got it! Oh, sweet Jesus, I’ve finally got it. If you follow this blog, you know how I’ve been agonizing over these guys. The YaddaDaddas are supposed to be my background chorus, my everypuppets, my version of “Anything Muppets” and “Whatnots“. Although they will permanently keep their eyes and “hair”, they will have little costumes and props that can turn them into various other characters as needed.

I should go back to their original inspiration…let’s jump in the Wayback Machine, shall we?