Plastic Canvas Puppets!


This was something I had wondered about anyway, utilizing plastic canvas somehow in puppet making, and lo and behold, I found a book on ebay on the exact subject.


The designs are well-done and obviously meticulously constructed.I have a few issues with the anatomy–the wide, gaping mouth on the giraffe and zebra,for instance—but I’m sure the children don’t care. These do look like fun puppets to play with.

I especially like the toucan; that’s a great example of getting a bird with a hard, rigid beak. I would just cover the rest of it in plush.

Anyway, it was a good buy and I’m glad to have it–quite interesting.


Pack-O-Fun: Crazy little carpet-scrap puppets!


As you may remember from previous entries, Pack-O-Fun is a magazine all about crafting with scraps and items that would normally be thrown away; there are few things required to go out and buy, which is what I always loved so much about it. Nowadays every craft has this whole ridiculous materials list and many lines of storebought  products to make it easier,like scrapbooking. I dunno; kinda takes the charm out of it for me. But anyway, this edition of Pack-O-Fun has some weird little puppets made from carpet scraps and with some wacked-out head shapes. It’s from 1977, so, hey, it’s meant to be far-out and groovy, man! Still, they’re cute in their own funkalicious way. I especially like the buggy-eyed guy in the middle, although he does lean a bit toward looking like an Alabammy blackface minstrel.