puppetry center

“Tales of Edgar Allen Poe” at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Hoping I’ll get to see this again this year. Marvelously macabre.

Muppetcast about the Steve Whitmire Workshop!

Steve Swanson produces the very wonderful Muppetcast, a podcast featuring the work of Jim Henson and the Muppets.

Click here to listen to the podcast that has a quick clip of me, my husband Steve, and our friend Jaime (of Smitstuff.com), and eventually an interview with Steve Whitmire himself.

We come in at about 25 minutes. We decided not to correct Steve S. on how to pronounce our last name, Vitale..it’s three syllables, but we didn’t mind. We were delighted to be included. 🙂

The annoying rattling noise during our segment was us opening granola bars to quickly scarf down before the workshop began–we desperately needed fuel.

Labyrinth Singalong and Interactive experience!

Just spent a fantastic evening at “Labyrinth Sing-Along & Interactive Experience” put on by Heather Henson (and lots of toys and noisy things). It was held at the Center for Puppetry Arts here in Atlanta, and it was an event for members of the Center only.

I’m so proud of Halbag I decided to take him tonight. When we arrived, people in the lobby cooed and fussed over him and little kids went nuts.

Then we received our goodie bags of “stuff we would need” for the evening. The goodie bag, and a few items we got to pick out for ourselves, consisted of two foam rocks, a pair of knockoff  peepers, a wee rattle, a candy bracelet, a party popper,a feather mask, a pair of devil horns, three tiny foam rockets and a launcher, a Sunkist Fruit Gem gummy candy, and a stretchy monster spiky ball thing that lit up when you twirled it around over your head. Oh, and instructions. The instructions explained what you were supposed to do with the goodies at particular times during the movie,such throw the rocks when rocks were flying everywhere, shoot the foam rockets at the fairies, and shake the rattle when Toby the baby cried.

A local comedian joined Heather Henson onstage, dressed as “David Bowie and his Inappropriate Pants”!  Also, several people, probably with Heather, waved various puppet-like things on sticks out over the audience: a barn owl, cloth chandeliers and fabric clouds. We were encouraged to shout at the screen, sing along with the songs(which were captioned),yell and dance, and carry on various acts of foolishness throughout the movie.

Steve with monster ball and rocket launcher

Steve with monster ball and rocket launcher


Jim, Frank, and Jerry….as Muppets!

I’ve been looking for these two clips for a while; they feature hilarious caricatures of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Jerry Nelson. At the Center for Puppetry Arts, the Jim puppet is currently on display, and yet another clip of these three little guys plays in which Jim, Frank and Jerry then walk out from behind a stage, dressed exactly like their Muppet likenesses.

Successful day

My volunteer hour at the CFPA went very well.Made some new friends, and directed people back and forth like cattle;”This show that way, that show this way, no videotaping or cameras please, workshops upstairs on the 3rd floor, Wood’s birthday party this way, Jaden’s party that way,presents go here,museum exhibit general admission please, thank you”. I hope they call me again soon; I will wiggle my way into a job there, I can feel it.

Steve took me to IKEA afterward, because I was starving and the food rocks there.Ate way too much and we discussed my toy constructions, then walked around the store.My favorite “room” is now slowly being disassembled.WAH!

click the cut to see how the room used to look: