Tiptak the Yak.

Tiptak is the first completed member of the cast of Puppatoons Playhouse. She is a recycled plaid cow puppet that I simply added the pink fur onto, and I quite like how she turned out. She was originally going to be made from a very scraggly for that was a deep maroon, but that fur turned out to be too dark and stuck out in too many directions. Once I found a matching long pink fur to go with her facial plaid, it just all fell into place.

I always find myself talking for her with my teeth clenched together in the back, a bit like Gloria from
“Auntie Mame”,but she has more a of a grumpy way of speaking.



Puddle Sprite!

I found this funny little toy animal(?) at a vintage store. I have no idea what he is. I cut off his lower half, which only had miniscule feet anyway, and unstuffed his torso. He makes a pretty darling little puppet, although he does need his lower section redone to extend down past my wrist. I also put the two funny pompoms on his forehead. Isn’t he cute? He sort of goes along with this funny squeaky voice my husband and I use around the house. Tentatively calling him a Puddle Sprite for now.

Puddle Sprite2

Fanged Button Bags!

I had intended to make some little bags for us to take to Dragon Con, and while I’m walking around with my puppets, if someone wants a photo taken with me, I was planning to give them a freebie Puppatoons button. I wanted something neat to carry said buttons in, so this idea of fuzzy monster bags has been on the list for a couple of months.

I wanted to have good,solid bags,with linings, underneath the fur, so my husband had the brilliant idea to recycle gently-used manufactured bags. On a recent trip to Goodwill, we found two small purse-like bags that were practically new. I took them home, washed them in the washing machine, and they sat for a while. At last, today, I pulled them out of the project pile and started  having fun.

This was the result:


This was the first. It was made on top of a little girl’s tiny messenger bag from The Limited Too store.


The second one is probably more appropriate for Steve to carry– a bit less purse-like. It seemed to be some sort of camera bag. I’m tempted to give it legs. đŸ™‚