A little research on NorthClaw. Caves,beaches and bluffs.

When I was in grade school, my gifted students class went on several-day field trip to,among other places, Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee.I didn’t have a camera then, but a lot of the wondrous things I saw when we camped overnight in the caves are forever burned into my memory. Here’s a good section of the Caverns’ official photo gallery,which gives a good look into my inspiration for the interior of our dragon’s cave.




Muppetcast about the Steve Whitmire Workshop!

Steve Swanson produces the very wonderful Muppetcast, a podcast featuring the work of Jim Henson and the Muppets.

Click here to listen to the podcast that has a quick clip of me, my husband Steve, and our friend Jaime (of, and eventually an interview with Steve Whitmire himself.

We come in at about 25 minutes. We decided not to correct Steve S. on how to pronounce our last name,’s three syllables, but we didn’t mind. We were delighted to be included. πŸ™‚

The annoying rattling noise during our segment was us opening granola bars to quickly scarf down before the workshop began–we desperately needed fuel.

Steve Whitmire Workshop!

This was a workshop given at The Center for Puppetry Arts that we attended on January 9th and 16th. Absolutely no photos were allowed, and Steve was pretty much rushing from lecture to workshop to next workshop and we were informed that there was no time for chatting or autographs,but, for the depth of instruction we recieved, it was hardly a problem.

Here are the combined notes from my husband and me. He drew sketches, too,at my request,much like courtroom artwork.:D