sesame street

Bob and the Yip Yip Martians

I completely don’t remember seeing this on Sesame Street when I was a kid, but it’s precious. The Yip-Yips are in fine, skittering form here,as Bob sings a sweet little song called “Hi Friend”.I love it when he feeds them Tic-Tacs or whatever he’s putting in their mouths.:)

Did you know that Bob McGrath, a lyric tenor,has worked with such noted musicians and conductors as Leonard Bernstein, Pablo Casals and Igor Stravinsky? Here is his official site.



I have to post this at the Muppet Forum because it’s driving me nuts.

This is a great old video from the early days of Sesame Street, and the description says it perfectly–before Cookie Monster and Grover’s appearances and voices were established. This was also when a lot of the monsters were drab blues, grays and greens.

Anyway, the lineup here is as follows, from left to right:

Baby Monster (performed by Jim Henson)
Scudge (performed by Jim Henson)
Cookie Monster (performed by Carroll Spinney)
Beautiful Day Monster (performed by Carroll Spinney)
? (performed by Frank Oz)
Grover,who might have still been called “Gleep” at this time. (performed by Frank Oz)

Anyway, the “?” monster, the little round thing with a slightly feminine voice, is the one that I can’t find in Muppet Wiki or in books or anywhere. I haven’t seen it before, or since. I wonder if there’s anyone from the Muppet Archives who knows.It sure is cute, whatever it is.

Inspirations of Gruno…The Flute Snatcher!

The Flute Snatcher is a vintage Muppet that was made for a General Foods commercial in 1966 for three snack foods — Wheels, Crowns and Flutes.The Flute Snatcher, of course, went for the Flutes.

He appeared in the first season of Sesame Street, and my main memory of him was in this “Number 5” segment: