Siver Scream Spook Show

Mastodon video: DEATHBOUND

This was an extremely fun, well-paid, and momentous day: I was performing (and lending some of my own puppets) my own puppets in a music video for a well-known band,I worked with a lot of my fellow Atlanta puppeteers, I learned about working with fire on camera, and I met two of my best friends, Shane Morton and Madeline Brumby, who I would go on to perform with in their Silver Scream Spook Show.
Now, the video and song may not be to everyone’s taste; I’ll warn you right off the bat. VERY METAL,VERY LOUD!
However, I can assure you the members of  the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Mastodon, especially their drummer, Brann Dailor, were really terrific to us. I had worked with Brann on yet another puppet project I’ll talk about later, and it was a grueling experience, yet he was as professional and friendly as could be.

Here is the video!


Next,I’ll show you some screencaps of what I did, and puppets that are mine:

Mastodon video 1

In this one, you can clearly see my little cyclops guy, Mo! I was operating him.

Mastodon video 2

I think my pal Melissa was operating my puppet called Dinky Donkey back there. And Shane Morton is in the giant green cyclops costume!

Mastodon video 3

This is a case of “my puppet is back there”–my wolf, Lonnie, is in the background. I am operating someone else’s puppet in the foreground. It’s the red one. Several explosions happened here!

Mastodon video 4

The red monster in the back is mine, although he doesn’t look like this anymore. That’s Duddey.

Mastodon video 5

Funnily enough I have a second donkey in this video–Tack, to the far left.

Gliz: Back again

Gliz is my grumpy monster alter ego. She can say a lot of things I might not be able to get away with, especially to her husband, Gruno.
I brought Gliz out to try her out on some of my new puppet videos. I didn’t want to use all monsters and ghosts, but since I had her handy, I thought I would fiddle around with her voice and see what might stick–Weird Words was my first thought.

Gliz small1

Silver Scream Spook Show Scrapbook

I don’t exactly “scrapbook” like it’s done today–people archiving every memory with a zillion pre-made templates and products–but I definitely like to keep mementos and corral them into notebooks and such. I thought I had lost my book of Silver Scream Spook Show memorabilia, but I actually discovered it while cleaning up my basement work space. Here are a few tidbits:

Silver Scream Spook Show–Gruno and Gliz’s Costumes

We haven’t been able to be in the Spook Show for a while as it hasn’t been able to be in its usual venue–long story. But, I do have lots of fun mementos and photos, including the rather extensive collection of costumes that Gruno and Gliz have accumulated. Here are a few:

Silver Scream Spook Show!

Some of the Puppatoons monsters will be making their live stage debut July 25, in The Silver Scream Spook Show at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta! It’s a bit of a test run, but Professor Morte is very stoked about having them. Wish us luck! Morte is especially interested in featuring Gruno and Gliz, and Halbag. At last, these monsters will get the live show time they so richly deserve.:)

Gruno and Gliz