Puppatoons Playhouse Cast

I have always wanted a small ensemble cast of puppets for the Puppatoons Playhouse to act as my stock performing troupe, hosts, etc.; a signature little bunch of characters. Although I know mouth puppets are more the “vogue” style of puppet nowadays because of the very wonderful Muppets, I still love, love, love, the simplicity and charm of “glove” puppets. Finally, here is the cast (chicken is still unnamed) after much paring and doodling and rearranging of personalities, species and colors.:) Once I sorted them all out I realized each character is a little facet of myself.(more on that later, haha)



“The Violet Thing” and Carson

A few weeks ago, I made some puppets for someone. This was one, included as a freebie:

I called it The Violet Thing, and I got very attached to it.  I hated to send it away.

So I decided to make a new one. This time I might even jazz it up with a furry neck, using some very crazy-patterned fur I got from my pal Jill in a fur trade.

This was the result of my doodling:

Haven’t started it yet, but you can see most of the same features—-the little corkscrew feelers on top of the head, the long tongue,multicolor pompom nostril bumps, and wide eyes. His name is Carson, because, well..I have this idea about keeping him in the car and entertaining my fellow saps stuck at red lights. He is also named for my pal Brian Carson of Creatures Inspired.

Frash Sketch!


It’s been funny, having characters made with no preliminary sketch; they simply evolve out of the materials I find, which is fun. And Frash is somewhat like that. I have a clear picture in my head of how he should look, but the head came first–a spare head I liked too much to try to make into something to sell. So while I was guided by this big purple-beaked head, still I thought I’d get Frash down on paper for posterity’s sake,. And here he is. I think I’ll make him more of a true bird than a bird-like monster, but he’s still gonna be a big, mean-lookin’ sucker!

Bleah Water.


A few weeks ago,I purchased a bottle of water at Publix Supermarket. I have grown to like bottled water; especially the flavored kind. I’ve needed to switch to water for years.Anyway, I cannot stand seltzer water, and that’s what this turned out to be.


So I put it in the refrigerator with a warning label.