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Giant Attack Spider from FrightProps!

I know it’s after Halloween, and I have a lot of my own puppet stuff to post, but I thought I’d share something with the arachnophiles out there.


Doogie on Joey

Neil Patrick Harris, at the 2011 Tony Awards, rode in on Joey from War HorseΒ  when beginning a segment of the show. Let theΒ  video get to about 4 minutes in to see this extraordinary work of art in motion. I love Hugh Jackman’s face, out in the audience.:D


Silver Scream Spook Show!

Some of the Puppatoons monsters will be making their live stage debut July 25, in The Silver Scream Spook Show at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta! It’s a bit of a test run, but Professor Morte is very stoked about having them. Wish us luck! Morte is especially interested in featuring Gruno and Gliz, and Halbag. At last, these monsters will get the live show time they so richly deserve.:)

Gruno and Gliz

Dudebro! For Adult Swim!


Back in March, I had the privilege of building and performing the puppet for the “Mad Drummer” station ID’s for the TV channel Adult Swim. Basically, a drummer is superimposed over various scene elements such as a black hole, a spinning galaxy, and an exploding fireball. His drumming intensifies according to the scene. I built the puppet in less than a week, and it was a huge head, made to sit atop a real drummer’s head.

He was lovingly dubbed “Dudebro” by the cast and crew. πŸ™‚


Bustin’ Makes us Feel Good!



Steve and I went to Discover Mills Mall last night to hang out with people taking their kids to Trick-or-Treat. Lots of people “ooh’ed” and “wow’ed”, some went completely ballistic, and a startling number of people thought our costumes and equipment were “real”. It’s truly amazing what people will believe if you put on a good enough act! πŸ˜€

Lots of folks took our photo, but when we passed the Medieval Times area of the mall, we zeroed in on the CHANDELIER. And the rest is Photoshop,done by Steve.:)