DEE Station.

My husband and I got into the show LOST a bit late, but we quite enjoyed it; other than my wanting to punch Kate in the mouth every other episode and…well,I wasn’t too fond of the ending. But in true LOST spirit, we created our own station for Mo(<<<<click for a video), the “DEE” station, as that is the main unit of Mo’s vocabulary.

DEE station


To a Mother who really knows her way around..

I had to show the card I made for my husband’s mother for Mother’s Day. Every time we go to visit her in Steve’s hometown in New Jersey, I am always floored by the 347 ways to get from one destination to the other. So whenever we start a journey someplace—be it a diner, store,theater, etc.—there is always the discussion of which way to go between Steve and his mom. I asked Steve to type me out a typical discussion between them and send it to me, and you see it here. 🙂