sticky dumbness

Happy Easter from Puppatoons!

Card for Mother and my stepdad, Ralph.



To anyone following “Sticky Dumbness”:

I feel bad that I haven’t updated much, because I feel like it could really be enjoyed if it were out there more and were updated regularly. So, I sat down and asked myself why I don’t update it more, and came up with these answers:

1) Problem: Although Blogger has more appealing features, Blogger keeps rotating my pictures. I go to try to find help on the forums, since there’s no way to get a human to give me help, and although a few people have been helpful, their solutions are more trouble than they’re worth. I do not want to have to learn how to make a whole thumbnail album: I want Blogger to stop turning my pictures upside down.
Using Blogger also requires a lot of logging in and out.

Solution: Switch to my saved Livejournal account for sticky_dumbness. I will update the links on my website, so be sure to update yours.
My gadget that lets me hop from one Livejournal account to the other makes it very easy to go from puppatoons for a puppetry entry, check what’s going on in close personal friend-life in ded_grotty,and back again.I like it, it makes things simpler.

2)Problem: The format.It was probably very ambitious to try to come up with a cartoon a day, what with all the other stuff I’ve got going on.

Solution: I’ll face up to it that I couldn’t do it, and return to the doodles-every-day formula. It kept me drawing, and I enjoyed it immensely. BUT, if I have a cartoon idea, it will be drawn.

So there you have it. If you’re one of those very kind folks who follows SD, please update your links or bookmarks to sticky_dumbness, and I’ll see you in the morning with fresh doodles.:)