The Non-Toxic Socks

Filming Today.


My online-show-in-the-making, Go to Your Room, features a puppet building section called “Caution: Puppets Ahead”, and I had filmed an episode already, but thought I could do better, and filmed something else entirely. I still would rather have a proper background and lighting, but I have got to go on and dive in and just do this even if everything isn’t perfect right now. I was rather pleased with this first episode, entitled “The Three L’s–Look, Lip Synch, and Live”.

The Non-Toxic Socks!

Long ago I made a bunch of sock puppets for a project. For reasons I can’t remember, the project never happened. I found half the puppets in storage and I am using them for my new online show I am working relentlessly on at the moment. Would you like to meet them? They call themselves The Non-Toxic Socks.