Finger up Cookie’s…

As if I couldn’t have found any MORE cool stuff on the internet dealing with puppets, here is a website dedicated to nothing but Sesame Street Finger Puppets!!

Enter the enchanted world of Scott C. Adams’ Sesame Street Finger Puppets Collection!


The Evolution of Om.

Here’s the original drawing Jesse sent me of what Om should look like, and the finished product. We changed the teeth around together, but I made the limb colors the same pink as Mo’s since they are supposed to be alternate versions of each other, but still the same basic family.Otherwise, I think it’s a good representation.

The Weekend of One-Eyes,Parades and Hockey Games

It was a very busy weekend here at Puppatoons; I got a serious commission from a chap in South Africa, but before I could start on those pieces, I had to get through the weekend’s projects and activities. It was a whirlwind weekend and I’m not sure my brain has recovered from it.

First, I had a toy commission to complete. My dear friend Jesse wanted a plush Mo–sort of and sort of not. He wanted a plush version of an “evil-alter ego” that Mo he’s been talking about lately: Om. Now, even if “Om” is the symbol of the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence, for Jesse, it’s  evil incarnate, a fierce  black ball of fur that is apparently Mo’s never-talked-about cousin. So, after he kindly requested for this little monstrosity to be created, I plowed through my huge storage reserves of plush, found the perfect fur, and Om was born:

Nasty little bugger, eh?


Pelham Puppets.

With some changes to the atrocious grammar, I took this directly from Wiki as it is quite thorough:

Pelham Puppets were first made in the United Kingdom from 1947 onwards under the title Wonky Toys Ltd. The company changed its name in 1948 to the now better known Pelham Puppet brand. Mainly known for making marionettes, the company also manufactured glove puppets, rod puppets and ventriloquist puppets.

The factory was initially based in Marlborough, Wiltshire and a fire in 1961 created a hiatus during manufacture and led to new ranges being introduced and old lines being stopped. The factory was rebuilt and grew in size on the same location until it was sold and moved in 1985 to Collingbourne Ducis also in Wiltshire and then again sold and moved to Gloucestershire in the early 1990s but went into liquidation in 1993. In 2008 the Pelham Puppet company was revived by a former employee, David Leech of the original factory and now produces a new line of Pelham Puppets some echoing former styles and new characters also. The official website is:

The name “Pelham” is taken from the creator Bob Pelham who was the founder of the company. After his death in 1980  his wife Ann Pelham  continued with the business until 1986.

There are many ranges in Pelham Puppets but the main ones are The LS range 12 inch puppets with half wooden ball feet, wooden heads and waxed string holding the parts together. The SS range is similar to the LS range but with wooden toggle feet and screw eyes holding the body together. The SL range are made usually with molded heads and held together with either string or screw eyes. The SM range have moving mouths usually made from larger wooden balls for heads, but some have molded heads. There was the JC range, a smaller simpler puppet intended for younger children. The Jumpette range are smaller puppets, simpler and intended for infants and toddlers. The A or Animal range are usually nonanthropomorphic versions of animals. The Minipup a range of smaller animal puppets.

Pelham Puppets also made puppets to order for the professional market and have been used by various companies in their shows.

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