More Gifts!

I can show all these now,since they have made it to their owners!

Star Wars Biker Scout stocking for Steve.:)



Yoda Puppet Nearly Done!

Yoda is almost finished! His little underrobe is done (it’s just a child’s top cut up and made into a jumpsuit) and he now has his finger and toe nails, plus a dark sleeve leading up to his “live hand”. Next,a few tufts of hair around his ears, and then his robe!

The Weekend of One-Eyes,Parades and Hockey Games

It was a very busy weekend here at Puppatoons; I got a serious commission from a chap in South Africa, but before I could start on those pieces, I had to get through the weekend’s projects and activities. It was a whirlwind weekend and I’m not sure my brain has recovered from it.

First, I had a toy commission to complete. My dear friend Jesse wanted a plush Mo–sort of and sort of not. He wanted a plush version of an “evil-alter ego” that Mo he’s been talking about lately: Om. Now, even if “Om” is the symbol of the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence, for Jesse, it’s  evil incarnate, a fierce  black ball of fur that is apparently Mo’s never-talked-about cousin. So, after he kindly requested for this little monstrosity to be created, I plowed through my huge storage reserves of plush, found the perfect fur, and Om was born:

Nasty little bugger, eh?


Bitty Bantha.

I do hope I’m not nuts for attempting such a thing.

In the Star Wars universe, a lot of folks like a certain creature. Many fans like the vicious Wampa, the hapless Tauntaun or the scaly Dewback. Me, I like the Bantha...the enormous, hairy, horned Bantha.

I would love to try my hand at a Bantha costume/full body puppet to take to Dragon Con, as a way to demonstrate my puppetry  and costuming skills. I would insist on a one-person costume rather than making two people suffer inside it. Plus, I would have more freedom of movement.

(first sketch, showing “bustle”)

I once saw a cow costume in which the person inside wore a huge sort of “bustle” which made up the cow’s rump, with stuffed back legs dangling down below and touching the floor perfectly behind. With a Bantha costume, there would essentially be a curtain of hair and fur reaching down to the ground, somewhat eliminating the cause for making full legs.

I also ended up with about 8 or 9 yards of the perfect fur. How could I pass up doing this now? I wonder if I could go to 501st troops as a baby Bantha,haha! Problem is, I don’t know any Tusken Raiders.:(

The “Night at the Museum” Troop!

Can't I please keep him?

Can't I please keep him?

Most of you may have figured out that I do events with the Georgia portion (or “Garrison”) of the 501st Legion–essentially, Star Wars costuming for charity and general fun with the public. Tonight was one of the most entertaining and hilarious “Troops” I’ve ever been involved in, due to the sheer number and variety of participants. The order of the day  was “A Night at the Southern Museum“, inspired by the Night at the Museum movies. Along with Star Wars characters, there were American Indians, cowboys, the Wright brothers, Neil Armstrong,Albert Einstein,World War II soldiers,Ben Franklin,Joan of Arc, Queen Mary, Several Greek statues,Queen Elizabeth, Amelia Earhart,Attila the Hun, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War soldiers, cavemen,”Rosie the Riveter” women,Julius Caesar,Cleopatra,1930’s gangsters,pirates and more.

Tonight I was also testing out a brand new microphone in my TIE Fighter Pilot helmet. The mike was a birthday gift from my husband after I had been complaining forever about having to yell inside my helmet to be understood. As far as I can tell, it works great. Thank you, my wondrous husband.

What was really cool about this event was the instructions for all the participants, and that was to be in character all the time:

The premise is that the museum has obtained a meteoroid from the Smithsonian which of course has an unusual effect on all of our exhibits. This meteor will be placed on exhibit this weekend with a story line that should start to draw interest to the event itself. Also we will be placing lights in the main lobby that will come on each night to draw attention. Essentially the premise is just like the movie, patrons will be invited inside to visit with our exhibits All of our exhibits will interact with our visitors as well as each other. The one thing we ask, which I am sure will be no problem for your group is that you “never” break character.

So we 501st folks were so informed(original bad grammar preserved):

This is a IN CHARACTER event. That means you have to be fully in character 100% of the time when you are in front of the public. That means….

1. You can NEVER take off your helmet in front of attendees.
2. You cannot chit chat about the “real world” in front of attendees.
3. You have to be mindful of pretty much everything you do as you’ll be seen doing it.
4. You can’t smoke anywhere you can be seen, which might mean no where if there isn’t a place you can both smoke and not wear your helmet without being seen.
5. You can’t bring family and have them hanging out with you, you’ll be working. A Stormtrooper can’t be holding his or her significant other’s hand while being in character. Its fine if they want to buy tickets and come to the event, but you can’t break character when you are around them.

Once you walk out to that floor for the event, your a Stormtrooper or Vader or whatever character you represent.

And it’s exactly what we did. Here are just a few shots of the mayhem before and after the crowd of 1,100 people were there. I’m hoping to get pics of us all actually in the event later as people gradually post their photos.