tv puppets

The Good Time Gang, with Ginger, Valerie and Bubba!

When I was growing up in Atlanta in the 70’s and 80’s, we had The Good Time Gang on Channel 46 to entertain us between shows;Valerie and Ginger were the fun TV moms for us latchkey kids. A little spaceman puppet named Bubba was later added to the cast, and I once had my artwork featured on the show. Loved it.



Dragon Con and Gary Gnu!

I have been insanely busy–so much to talk about, but not time to post. I have mainly been getting ready for Dragon Con and working at Netherworld. Right no I am attending Dragon Con, with Jamie Walrus and and Vapor the Ghost in tow.

I met Jim Martin, one of my puppeteer heroes, yesterday. He was Gary Gnu  and M.T. Promises on The Great Space Coaster, which I watched every morning as I got ready for school.

He was absolutely one of the nicest celebs I have ever met. He came around to to our side of the meet-and-greet table and talked with Steve and me for well over an hour; practically a mini-puppetry workshop. Oh, he was wonderful. Jim, enormous g-hugs to you. 😀

The Floating Face by Jim Henson.

From Muppet Wiki: The Floating Face is a character that has come to be known as “Nobody” (for his appearance: he has no body) and “Limbo,” which are the names of two separate sketches in which he has appeared. The character consists of two eyes and a mouth made of string, and is controlled by invisible wires attached to gloves worn by two puppeteers. The puppet is performed live in front of a prerecorded film that is projected, layered or composited.

Here is an often-remembered sketch from Sesame Street: A Count of 10.

You just had….a lizard.

So there’s a new version of the old TV series V,which was about about aliens known as “The Visitors” trying to take over Earth.. Well, back in the 80’s, we had our low-budget version and dangitall,I enjoyed it. I see no reason to remake it.

I have found a clip from my most remembered scene from V: The Final Battle, the 1984 TV miniseries.  V: The Final Battle was a sequel to the 1983 miniseries.

V: The Final Battle was to have delivered an exciting and emotionally satisfying conclusion to the Visitors chronicles, but NBC was not prepared to make the necessary budget available to realize the special effects. As a result,the effects are even more low-budget, and..well, see for yourself:

Incidentally, the girl was named Elizabeth, which I thought was awesome, and I was sad that the second twin, a boy, died.

While I’m on the subject of alien births involving puppets, here is a very powerful and almost enchanting scene from the TV series Alien Nation, in which a male “Newcomer”, George, delivers his baby. Literally.

In the series Alien Nation, long story short, the male of a couple gives birth to the baby from a pouch on the abdomen, much like a male seahorse.