Puppatoons Playhouse Cast

I have always wanted a small ensemble cast of puppets for the Puppatoons Playhouse to act as my stock performing troupe, hosts, etc.; a signature little bunch of characters. Although I know mouth puppets are more the “vogue” style of puppet nowadays because of the very wonderful Muppets, I still love, love, love, the simplicity and charm of “glove” puppets. Finally, here is the cast (chicken is still unnamed) after much paring and doodling and rearranging of personalities, species and colors.:) Once I sorted them all out I realized each character is a little facet of myself.(more on that later, haha)



Bifur and Dwalin–Hobbit Dwarf Presents!

Wow. Long story short, I had the extreme privilege of meeting some of the actors who played dwarves from The Hobbit, which may now be one of my favorite movies ever. I and several friends formed a vehemently persistent group of fans who prodded the officials at Dragon Con  to GET SOME DWARVES HERE IN ATLANTA. We succeeded in getting two out of thirteen–William Kircher(Bifur) and Graham McTavish(Dwalin). We had James Nesbitt(Bofur), but he had to call it off at the last minute, and I believe I heard that Jed Brophy(Nori) wanted to come but missed the boat on applications or somesuch.

But of the two we had, Bifur is my favorite, and although I didn’t put together a costume as many of my fellow dwarf-loving friends did(and quite splendidly,I might add),I wanted to show my appreciation. That, from me, comes in the form of a puppet gift, usually in the appearance of my favorite character an actor plays.

I made wee glove puppets of Bifur and Dwalin–very simple and not terribly detailed, but pretty cute if I do day so myself. Here is a  compilation of photos taken by my husband, pal Beth, and William Kircher’s lovely (and very funny) wife Nicole.


William and MiniBifur!


Graham and MiniDwalin, whom he said “needed to be sneaking up on me”.:)


Graham and MiniDwalin seem to be conspiring their next move..will they be getting coffee? Donuts?


Another pic of William and MiniBifur. He showed off this puppet at a couple of panels afterward.I was so proud!

Here is an interview with William at a Con just a week later, and he shows off the toys he received in his Con travels as well as MiniBifur! 😀


I do believe they enjoyed their presents.


Goodbye, MiniDwalin. Serve your master well, with much amusement!

Next post, the warg puppet head I made to show off to the guys!

The two dwarf puppets in their humble beginnings--clothes are being made, features designed.

The two dwarf puppets in their humble beginnings–clothes are being made, features designed.

Mini Dwalin!

Mini Dwalin!

Bifur puppet, affectionately christined "MiniBifur" by his new owner!

Bifur puppet, affectionately christined “MiniBifur” by his new owner!

Dudebro! For Adult Swim!


Back in March, I had the privilege of building and performing the puppet for the “Mad Drummer” station ID’s for the TV channel Adult Swim. Basically, a drummer is superimposed over various scene elements such as a black hole, a spinning galaxy, and an exploding fireball. His drumming intensifies according to the scene. I built the puppet in less than a week, and it was a huge head, made to sit atop a real drummer’s head.

He was lovingly dubbed “Dudebro” by the cast and crew. 🙂


A Tour of Southern Ghosts!

I’ve been working very hard this Halloween season, hence my sad, sad little Halloween countdown. And my Mummycorn scarecrow did NOT win a prize at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens(getting a little bit tired of all the work, effort and money going into something that gets completely destroyed, truthfully).

But, work is good, and boy have I been workin’. In the latter half of every week, I work The 25th Annual A Tour of Southern Ghosts at Stone Mountain Park.

They are trying something radically new, using me this year. After hearing the tales told by the six different storytellers around the antebellum plantation buildings, guests finally arrive at the end of the tour and gift shop. There, a more humorous presentation is given, usually told by a sort of carnival barker-type person(my new coworker Jon!) who pretty much gives a commercial for the Tour’s creators, ART Station. ATOSG is really a fundraiser for ART Station, and we also must mention the sponsors, talk about the items to be found in the Ghostly Gift Shop and so forth. But the main part of the spiel contains very corny ghost jokes and puns, and I thought that this might be a perfect vehicle for one of my ghost puppets. I inquired about it to ART Station, and to my great surprise, they were interested. Long story short, I auditioned for them and brought Vapor, although I ended up using Misty, a new female ghost puppet created from my ghost called Phantz.

Here’s Misty and me by lantern light. Boo, y’all!


Yay, more work! Boo,hot water heater!

I’m helping out a friend who is the graphic artist for Mellow Mushroom Pizza. I needed to get a 36 x 60 canvas at Pearl Art Supplies, which was an hour away and downtown, and in an unfamiliar area. It was a pouring rain with a huge thunderstorm on the way,but I soldiered on through it all. I got my canvas and it was too big to fit in the car, initially. After a lot of car-rearranging, I at last shoved it in with no room for me and my seat back was down. Needless to say, it was a precarious situation driving home. Then once I got home and got the canvas situated, got my paints ready and had done some pencil work and a little blocking in of color, I had to go the basement for something, and..


I stepped in water. The damned hot water heater was a-flowin’ like pot likker. I was so mad I thought I would scream and rend my garments. But,after a quick call to the husband to let him know what was going on, I began the process of getting a plumber over here.

Long story short, we have a new hot water heater and I lost four hours of work. *sigh* But, I think I can tackle it all tomorrow.

I also have a birthday commissioned watercolor to do, a friend I have on Twitter may want me to make some dragon puppets, and another one approached me about making some characters in a rap band. I hope he wasn’t turned off by my rates–I think I am very reasonable for custom work. Also, Carol, my puppetry teacher of ages ago, had asked me if I wanted to help her build some puppets for a new show.

This is turning into a very productive year. 😀

Proton Pack is on the Way.


We had a very early birthday party for me today, and my wonderful husband, who knew I badly wanted a Ghostbusters costume, gave me this, with the additional mind-bending reassurance that my proton pack is almost finished and will be shipped in a day or two. I almost lost it.

First came the shirt, and Steve said something like, “It’s a sign of things to come.” I thought, Huh?

When I pulled the name patch out of the gift bag, my heart almost stopped. Then came the gloves (not shown) and the belt. And the jumpsuit was packed waaaay down in the bottom of the bag–very sneaky. Boots and a couple other accessories will come later.

My pal Dava and her husband first showed me how cool GB costumes can be, when we met up with them at Disney World last year and they had their infamous GB getups that they had built themselves. Boy, where they astounding. By the end of our Disney Halloween Party night, I wanted one.

Steve then showed me his OWN name tag, belt, and gloves. He said his proton pack is about to be started and he’ll get the jumpsuit shortly, because, of course, he’s doing one too. 😀