We are more than happy to make custom puppets toys, art, and many other items. However, we have some guidelines:

What we can and cannot do:

We do not make replicas of our puppets. We can make you a similar puppet to your favorite character, perhaps in a different color, but please note that Puppatoons characters are copyrighted performing entities and are not for duplication.

We do make toy versions of our own puppets. If you have a favorite character, then a smaller, cuddly plush version of that character might be just the thing for you.

We do not rebuild puppets made by others.

What’s Involved: From Idea to Completion

If you need an original puppet or toy design made, please understand that the design process is part of the work. That design process is $30 an hour in addition to construction(materials and labor) costs. The design process includes creating the character through sketches, communicating with you through emails, choosing colors and textures, and figuring out any manipulation or size problems. But once you have your original character in your hands, made with quality materials and ready for performing, you will see that  the effort is well worth the cost.

If you are commissioning an item for a specific project, or for a gift, please initiate the work at least  six weeks before the item needs to be shipped. This will give us plenty of time to go through the design and construction process and make your item be a real knockout!

We will be happy to send swatches of material through the mail for your consideration. I know very well how difficult it is to convey a color over a computer screen.


Because of cost of supplies,and because of past mishaps with not receiving payment after much work,we require 1/2 of the agreed-upon commission up front, and the other 1/2 when work is completed and you are satisfied with the results in photos.

Paypal is our method of payment, with Paypal fees built into the payment.

Paypal payments should be made within 24 hours of commission agreement. An invoice will be sent.

Shipping Information:

We do our best to keep shipping costs down. We are located in the United States.We ship orders,insured and securely packaged,by UPS. Handling fees cover the cost of packaging supplies.

International orders: All customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We fill out customs forms as truthfully as we can.

Young Customers:

We respectfully request that commissions  only be made by individuals 17 years old and over. Kids, if there is something you would really like, ask mom or dad and surely we can work something out. If you do not respond when an invoice is sent to you, the project will be considered null and void.


Our creations are made from materials that do not meet US safety guidelines,such as foam, contact cement,fabric glue, and various buttons, craft eyes and found objects, and are not labeled  as childsafe toys; therefore they must be considered as handmade collectibles suitable for children over 12. In other words, you and I both know your seven-year old daughter (hopefully) won’t chew the eyes off her new puppet and swallow them, but I have to list items with warnings that this sort of situation could happen.


This is a home-based business. We have pets; cats, mostly.We are,however, smoke-free.

We do not use animal products in our puppets: no leather, feathers, bones, or other organic materials.


No two handmade items are alike, and sometimes things can look one way on one side of a computer monitor, and look completely different on the other. Situations like these  are handled on an individual basis. If you aren’t happy with an item,please let us know. Give us a chance to fix things.

We look forward to hearing from you, and fulfilling your puppetry and toymaking needs!