NEW! Creative Creepy Cadets!

Under construction but here’s the main theme of it all:


I found the “schedule” I had worked up for 12 months worth of Creative Creepy Cadets! Actually, I need to possibly sort them into specific months, but each monster or creaturethingy has a corresponding art project. Puppet projects would of course have a mini-performance for photos.Take a look! I think I really need to finally run with this.

Frankenstein’s Monster–puppet assembled from parts that cadets are assigned to make all completely different

Dracula–puppet with live hand, to do Drac’s hypnotic hand gestures

Wolfman–werewolf makeup!

Creature from Black Lagoon– blacklight painting

Ghost– rod puppet

Griffin– heraldry drawing–kids make their own crest

Loch Ness Monster–shadow puppet

Eastern Dragon–solo cups dragon puppet(made from a really long string of red solo cups)

Western Dragon–acrylic painting

Zombie–zombie makeup!

Skeleton–simple marionette

Godzilla–make your own kaiju drawing