John Noble and Gene the Cow Puppet!


I also made a little puppet of Gene the Cow for John Noble. I was thinking of making him a Denethor puppet, but it is his work on the show Fringe that really made me a fan. So I took a dive and did it. The man obviously has a sense of humor so I thought it would be something different.

So presented it to him and he had a laugh over her party hat and her markings that made her look like the real Gene. Then he put the puppet on and made her clap and such, then told me thank you and took my hand.

I thought it was just a handshake but then he pulled me down to his level at the table and kissed my cheek. Then,as I am still sorta wondering what happened, he told Steve, ” No kiss for you.” And we laughed.

Then he wiggled Gene over toward Steve and had Gene say,”you stay away from that woman!” in a mock-stern voice. 😀 😀


Operation Dwarf Drop 2015 a Success!

So on Friday at Dragon Con I delivered the puppets to our dwarf actors guests.

I am usually prepared for reactions that range from “Oh, another fan thing ” to “OMG, LOOKIT THIS”.I got a pretty good reaction from Stephen Hunter and Dean O’ Gorman, but I get the feeling they get a LOT of fan art so it probably wasn’t a big deal.


Gene the Cow!

Getting ready for Dragoncon for me these days usually means….making gifts for celebrities. I dont know what it is, I just totally got hooked on making little hand puppets to give to my favorite celebrities I want to meet. Usually the puppet is a caricature of the the character that the celebrity/actor plays,but this time I went a different route. My husband Steve and I are big fans of the show Fringe, and John Noble, who played Walter Bishop (and also Denethor in The Lord of the RIngs!) will be at Dragoncon this year. Instead of making a Mini Walter Bishop, I decided to make a wee puppet of Gene the Cow from the show.


MiniGene is made of fleece painted with fabric paint, in order to get as close to her markings as I could.


Gene was played by two different cows, so I went with the one that appears more in images and shows.


The real Gene with  Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth) and John Noble (Walter Bishop).