Gene the Cow!

Getting ready for Dragoncon for me these days usually means….making gifts for celebrities. I dont know what it is, I just totally got hooked on making little hand puppets to give to my favorite celebrities I want to meet. Usually the puppet is a caricature of the the character that the celebrity/actor plays,but this time I went a different route. My husband Steve and I are big fans of the show Fringe, and John Noble, who played Walter Bishop (and also Denethor in The Lord of the RIngs!) will be at Dragoncon this year. Instead of making a Mini Walter Bishop, I decided to make a wee puppet of Gene the Cow from the show.


MiniGene is made of fleece painted with fabric paint, in order to get as close to her markings as I could.


Gene was played by two different cows, so I went with the one that appears more in images and shows.


The real Gene with  Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth) and John Noble (Walter Bishop).


I have returned!

Sorry folks. I was plain old suffering from burnout.


But now I am back, with new ideas and a little revamping of the site, the shows I offer, and  what I am building. Right now I am working on three gift puppets for the Hobbit dwarf actors who will be at Dragon Con. Want to  see the progress? Keep checking back this week!


And here they are, ready for features and costumes, ready to be transformed into Bombur, Fili and Gloin.

Mission accomplished! More Dwarf Puppets Delivered!

Sorry for the long absence, dear readers. I have been really pouring a lot into Dragon Patch TV.


Mini Nori, Jed Brophy and me, Dragon Con, 2014

Mission accomplished! Jed Brophy and Nori puppet together at last! Many thanks to my pal Beth for taking these pics. Jed couldn’t stop playing with Mini Nori’s hair!


Mini Ori, Adam Brown and me, Dragon Con, 2014

Adam Brown was a bit overwhelmed. While Jed is a pro at being famous and dealing with crowds and adoring women, I think Adam is a bit shocked by it all. He was purely delighted with his puppet and went gaga over the hair, too.

Nori and Ori Puppets, created for actors Jed Brophy and Adam Brown of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”!





You may recall last year I made gift puppets for the dwarf actors of “The Hobbit” and presented them at Dragon Con. Well, this year I’m at it again, and I built two tiny puppets for actors Jed Brophy(Nori) and Adam Brown(Ori). Dean O’Gorman(Fili) was initially scheduled for Dragon Con and would have been a third puppet, but, he had to cancel. Although disappointed that I won’t get to see Dean(I’ve heard he’s a real cut-up at cons), I was worried about making his puppet, truthfully. Nori and Ori are easily caricatured… Fili is not.

Another bonus is that I have made a simple costume of Nori, after the barrel sequence in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”: trashed hair and dirty tunic. I hate leatherwork, so I kinda skipped out on the primped n’ clean version of Nori that you see in the first movie.

Can’t wait for the guys to meet their puppets! 🙂