Jilly’s Crafty Puppet Parties!


This is Jilly.Jilly would very much enjoy coming to your party or other special event, and assisting and cheering on your guests–from six years old to sixty–as they make simple sock puppets with loads of character!
After we create your new little socky friends, we will then have a quick course in the Puppatoons Basics of Puppeteering–Look, Live, and Lip Sync. This instruction shows participants how to make puppets really come alive.

The Nitty-Gritty Info:
We will be doing a  craft and will need a setup like a table for all your guests to participate.Please have table and chairs set up ahead of time.
In summer months, crafting area must be in shade(had genuine heatstroke out there once!).
We do not supply tables and chairs.
We do not need an electrical outlet.
We will be using glue and scissors.(supplied).
We do supply crafting materials and we do clean up after ourselves afterward!
Craft can be done with 20 child guests; 25 or more if guests are adults.

General time frame is one to two hours, depending on time it takes for guests to complete puppets.

Please inquire at Puppatoons@gmail.com for pricing. Pricing may vary according to number of guests, as supply amounts will differ.