Mission accomplished! More Dwarf Puppets Delivered!

Sorry for the long absence, dear readers. I have been really pouring a lot into Dragon Patch TV.


Mini Nori, Jed Brophy and me, Dragon Con, 2014

Mission accomplished! Jed Brophy and Nori puppet together at last! Many thanks to my pal Beth for taking these pics. Jed couldn’t stop playing with Mini Nori’s hair!


Mini Ori, Adam Brown and me, Dragon Con, 2014

Adam Brown was a bit overwhelmed. While Jed is a pro at being famous and dealing with crowds and adoring women, I think Adam is a bit shocked by it all. He was purely delighted with his puppet and went gaga over the hair, too.

I found my long-lost Frank Oz autograph!

–the one that isn’t on a rubber duck and fading fast. I have it on paper!!!

I got this at the 1993 Puppetry Festival in San Francisco.He was standing with me and some other bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young kids, and I asked for his autograph. After that, he signed a few more, then asked us all if we wanted to go get a beer. I declined, and I’ve kicked myself ever since.