doesn’t fit anywhere

More Oranjello pics..

I thought I’d get some close-ups of his face.

It is nearly impossible to get the boxes to come together completely straight when he’s talking. And oh, he’s got a voice. He sort of talks out of the side of his mouth.


Shadow Puppet Workshop! (From Feb 21, 2008)

My friend Heidi just reminded me of this fabulous shadow puppetry class that we unknowingly took at the same time in February, 2008, so here is a little slice.
Taught by Jon Ludwig at The Center for Puppetry Arts:

Here’s Steve’s project,

For Detag fans, here he is working away on his project,


Muppet Stamps!

The United States Postal Service released a sheet of 37-cent First Class postage stamps in September, 2005, honoring Jim Henson and the Muppets. The Henson stamp featured a 1986 photograph by Norman Seeff. The photos on the Muppet stamps were commissioned specifically for the set of stamps.

My former boss of 12 years, Jane, gave me these, and I have treasured them. Funny thing is, I am positive that the picture of Jim at the bottom of the spread has been altered to include Kermit–he doesn’t seem to be looking at Kermit. And also because this is the original photo:

Look who’s ready for Thrashers Games!

At a recent Atlanta Thrashers hockey game,I started making little sketches of Mo in his own hockey jersey–I’ll scan those later. In the meantime, Steve got me a Thrashers jersey that was on sale and fits great.
I was envying our friend Jesse’s Thrashers scarf, which was a really cool promo given out at some of the games.I wish I’d gotten one. But,lo, and behold, I snagged one at Goodwill yesterday.