Inspirations of Gruno…The Flute Snatcher!

The Flute Snatcher is a vintage Muppet that was made for a General Foods commercial in 1966 for three snack foods — Wheels, Crowns and Flutes.The Flute Snatcher, of course, went for the Flutes.

He appeared in the first season of Sesame Street, and my main memory of him was in this “Number 5” segment:


New Character Alert : LOCH

This came about purely inspired from the character John Locke on the TV show “Lost”. My husband and I never understood the big deal about the show until we borrowed the DVD’s from a friend, and now we are hopelessly hooked.
Locke is my favorite character on the show; I find him incredibly intriguing, considering what a gut-wrenching,horrible past he has had, yet he keeps an almost mystic calm on the castaways’ island. I can envision this Loch character as, of course, a sort of Loch Ness Monster(another obsession of mine)type who is calm and rarely speaks without good cause,that appears when things go wrong and someone needs sage advice.

John Locke.

The Christmas Puppets that didn’t pan out…

These two sketches were ideas of puppets for two friends at Christmas.One puppet was a little bunny pirate,which I still think I will do another holiday.:)
The other was one I probably shouldn’t have attempted–it was going to be a 3-D version of the friend’s monstrous logo creature,but I couldn’t get enough info on what it looked like to be able to interpret it in three dimensions, and without spoiling the surprise. Rats.

Character Sketches: Yaddadaddas and Four-Eyes Schattenhoffer.

The Yaddadaddas are to be my sort of “Anything Muppets”. They will be mostly the same, with some features and/or outfits that interchange. But they will be colorful and cute.I plan to make maybe ten of them.Famous last words!

Early sketches of dear ol’ Schattenhoffer. He has somewhat lost his very heavy lower jaw, and gained his antennae, but I think I will let him keep a sort of grublike body that tapers to a tail instead of having legs.

Another Mo Inspiration:Billy

Utilizing the Little Anything Muppet(see previous entries) pattern, I’m hoping to have an end result looking like Billy, the little pink monster in This Sesame Street video.(Jim Henson performs Billy in this clip. It is SO CUTE.)

Billy is essentially a Little Anything Muppet with swatches of fur on his head and body, but, if you imagine him with one of his cute big round eyes front and center and by itself, you might be seeing a slightly thinner, pink ancestor of Mo. I’ve always liked seeing old SS clips with Billy in them, so maybe he’s been at the back of my brain all this time.

You can also see Billy in the chorus of “C is for Cookie”.